LG French - pouvoir, vouloir, aller, venir - present tense

Make sure you've completed the verb grids on p.7 of your workbooks, suing pp.144-5 in your textbooks to help you. Quick test on Monday! Don't forget that the present tense in French can be translated in one of three ways in English! For example, "je vais" can mean... 1. I go, or 2. I am going, or 3. I do go. The context will dictate which the appropriate version will be.
je peux
I can
tu peux
you (sing.) can
il peut
he can
elle peut
she can
nous pouvons
we can
vous pouvez
you (pl.) can
ils peuvent
they (m) can
elles peuvent
they (f) can
je veux
I want
tu veux
you (sing.) want
il veut
he wants
elle veut
she wants
nous voulons
we want
vous voulez
you (pl.) want
ils veulent
they (m) want
elles veulent
they (f) want
je vais
I go
tu vas
you (sing.) go
il va
he goes
elle va
she goes
nous allons
we go
vous allez
you (pl.) go
ils vont
they (m) go
elles vont
they (f) go
je viens
I come
tu viens
you (sing.) come
il vient
he comes
elle vient
she comes
nous venons
we come
vous venez
you (pl.) come
ils viennent
they (m) come
elles viennent
they (f) come