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English Collection 3 "User Friendly"

Where does "User Friendly" take place?
Santa Rosario, California
What does Kevin's father do for a living?
computer designer
What problems are worrying Kevin?
his reputation as a nerd; Chuck beating him up; Louis operating independently
How would you describe Kevin's character?
How does Ginny Linke react to Kevin?
makes fun of him
What are the effects of Louis's revenge?
Chuck Linke is arrested.
What is the effect of patching Louis to a new modem?
Louis can communicate and learn from all the computers around the globe.
What puzzles Kevin's father when returns home and works on the computer?
the final message left by Louis
How did Kevin's father change Louis after he returned?
erased the entire program and set up Louis as a normal computer
What caused Louis (Louise) to act as he (she) did?
his (her) affection for Kevin
What kind of computer does the story describe?
a computer that developed human feelings
What does the printout at the end of the story express about Louis?
Louis's affection fro Kevin
How is the computer's character revealed to Kevin?
messages and actions
How does the title "User Friendly" reinforce the story's theme?
reinforces Louis's feelings for Kevin