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banal (buh-NAL)

adj. dull or stale because of overuse; trite; hackneyed.

Cliché (klee-SHAY)

n. an idea or expression that has become stale due to overuse

Derivative (diy-RIH-vh-tive)

adj. unoriginal; taken from something already existing.

Hackneyed (HAK-need)

adj. made commonplace by overuse; trite (n. hack, one who copies or imitates the work of others)

Insipid (in-sih-pud)

adj. lacking flavor or taste; unexciting.

Lackluster (LAK-luhs-ter)

adj. lacking vitality, energy, or brightness; boring.

mundane (muhn-DAYN)

adj. commonplace; ordinary

Platitude (PLA-tuh-tood)

n. quality of being dull; an obvious remark uttered as if it were original.

Prosaic (pro-ZAY-ik)

adj. dull; commonplace

Trite (TRITE)

adj. unoriginal and stale due to overuse.

Vapid (VA-pid)

adj. lacking freshness and zest; flat; stale.

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