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Integration Unit A

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working Microsoft Office programs together using source files and destination files
3 Integration methods
1) pasting
2) linking
3) embedding
source file
the file where the information is copied from
destination file
the file that receives the copied information
text, numbers, pictures
a connection of data that is included in two or more files
Linked Object
refers to the connected data
placing an unlinked copy of something in a program, or document
(object linking and embedding) refers to the technology that Microsoft uses to let you integrate data between programs
Ways to integrate Word, Access & Excel
1) importing an excel worksheet into Access
2) copying a Word table into Access
3) Linking an access table to Excel and Word
4) Linking an Access table to Word
Paste Link
option to select in Excel to maintain a connection with a pasted Access table
click to add
In Access, click to import data to an existing Access table
Formatted text (RTF)
selection to retain divisions of columns and rows in a pasted table
to changed linked data in a destination file to match data in the source file