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Lab equipment functions

Functions and names of common chemistry laboratory equipment as specified on the BHSS list

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stores of larger volumes of liquids
Clay triangle
holds crucible on iron ring above a Bunsen burner
Crucible (and lid)
contains solids to be heated to high temperatures
Crucible tongs
handles hot crucibles
Erlenmeyer flask
contains larger amount of liquid for mixing purposes Erlenmeyer: triangular shaped flask
Evaporating dish
evaporates liquids, on a wire gauze above a Bunsen burner
picks up small or hot objects
pours liquids into containers with small openings
Graduated cylinder
measures volume of liquids
Mortar and pestle
grinds solids into powder
Ring stand
holds lab apparatus, such as iron rings, with clamps
Rubber policeman
scrapes solids out of container; fits on end of a stir rod
Stir rod
mixes solutions
dips into bottles of solid chemicals
Test Tube Clamp
clamps test tube to ring stand
Test Tube Holder
holds/carries a single test tube
Test Tube Rack
holds test tubes
Watch glass
holds solids to be dried; also makes good beaker lid
Wire screen/Wire Gauze
holds hot beakers/flasks on iron ring