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liturgy of the word
the part of mass when we listen and respond to gods word
reads the first reading
first reading is from the
old testament
the responsorial psalm is from the
old testament
the second reading is from the
new testament
the homily is given by a
priest or deacon
the priest or deacon helps us understand
the three readings and what they mean in our lives
The gospel is read by
priest or deacon
what is the profession of the faith
we all stand and state our beliefs by saying the creed
the prayer of the faithful is when we
pray for our church, our leaders, our family, friends, and those that have died
what part of the mass is the bread and wine become the body and blood of jesus christ
liturgy of the eucharist
what is the preparation of the gifts
prepare the alter and members bring the bread, wine and gifts to the alter
prayer over the gifts is when
the priest asks god to bless and accept our gifts
What is the most important prayer of the mass
the eucharist prayer
what is the eucharist prayer
the prayer of praise and thanksgiving
what do we sing during a eucharist prayer
holy, holy, holy
the priest calls on this to make gifts holy
power of the holy spirit
what is the concluding rite
to continue to praise and serve god each day
the real presence
when jesus is truly present in the eucharist
the blessed sacrament is
the eucharist that is kept in the tabernackle
a special place in church where the blessed sacrament is kept
another word for jesus christ
the lord