Transcendentalism Exam (TEST QUESTIONS)


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Thoreau's suggestion for making life less hectic was
To simplify
In Walden, Thoreau said people are too concerned with
Lives of others
MLK Jr. wrote letter from Birmingham jail in
In his letter, King said he was in Birmingham because ___ is in Birmingham
In his letter, King said he was in Birmingham because ___ is in Birmingham
Logos, ethos
In his letter, King quoted St. Augustine who said "unjust law is ___
No law at all
King reminds his audience that everything Hitler did in Germany was ___ and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did was illegal
King said that oppressed people cannot
Remain oppressed forever
"Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
Henry David Thoreau
"The morning which is the most memorable season of the day is the awakening hour"
Henry David Thoreau
"To believe your own thought...that is genius"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
"To be great is to be misunderstood"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Transcendentalism formed in
Boston, Massachusetts
Came up with the term transcendentalism
Immanuel Kant
Trans. is loosely based on philosophy of
Trans. began in what year in America
Trans. found divinity in
Nature, other people, God
Trans. believed man could live without
Organized religion, government
Before an author, Ralph Waldo Emerson was
Trans. community established in 1841
Brook Farm
Purpose of Brook Farm
Spend time in nature, withdraw from materialistic society
Father of Transcendentalism
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Trans means
Faith in higher
Emerson saw connection between
God, nature, and man
Emerson's feelings in the woods
Youthful, exhilarated
Emerson was glad to the brink of fear when
Walking through snow puddles in forest at twilight
Emerson prefers to spend time
In nature
Emerson feared
Going blind
Emerson delivered his divinity schools address in 1837 at
Emerson's true religion first resided in
An individual/himself
Emerson believed he could only receive ___ from another soul
People named in self-reliance
Moses, Plato, Jesus, John Milton
Emerson believed truth is sought from
Within oneself
Emerson believed the most sacred thing of all was
Integrity of one's mind
Emerson believed that society expected
Emerson admired men like Moses, Plato, and Milton because they sought answers from
Themselves, rather than books
Emerson says that people who wish to have a healthy attitude about life ought to live like
Emerson favors ____ because it promotes growth in a person
In nature, "mean egotism" refers to
Our sense of self
Henry David Thoreau's meaning of civil disobedience
Non-violent and passive, political resistance to protest gov't action, and has inspired Ghandi and MLK Jr.
Thoreau believed that ___ should be respected more than the law
a person's conscience
Thoreau was jailed for
Refusing to pay a poll tax
Thoreau said practical reason for allowing the majority to rule was
They were strongest
State rep. that Thoreau met directly with
Tax gatherer
In Civil Disobedience, Thoreau called for
An improved government
Thoreau went to Walden Pond to live deliberately. Deliberately means
Living with a purpose
Walden pond was a mile and a half south of
Concord, MA
Thoreau's favorite time of day
Thoreau favored the morning time because of chance to
Start over again with chance to do something great
King's Letter from Birmingham Jail was written in response to some clergymen who criticized king
Thoreau owned the land upon which Walden was located
Thoreau died of tuberculosis at age 44
Thoreau resisted materialism and chose a life of simplicity, close to nature
Thoreau felt free and inspired by the walls of prison
Thoreau believed that unjust laws existed and needed to be broken
Thoreau wrote Civil Disobedience on the night he was jailed
Both emerson and Thoreau were Harvard graduates
Thoreau's father owned a pencil factory
Emerson thought it was foolish to contradict oneself
Emerson believed societal laws led to conformity
In Walden. Thoreau wrote that he intentionally left for the woods on Independence Day
Thoreau began his "experiment in essential living" on July 4, 1845
Emerson felt that nature could repair every calamity (with exception of losing his vision) that may occur in his life
Emerson was opposed to Christianity
The trans. criticized the Puritans stress on material prosperity and admired their obedience to the laws of church and society
Trans. did not support the institution of slavery
Trans. believed that people were inherently good
Trans. believed the best place to find God was at church
Thoreau termed higher forms of knowledge "Over-Soul"
Trans. found God only in nature
Trans. placed little faith in higher forms of knowledge