ENGL 2112: Test One

The Neoclassics were responding to _______ _______.
Desire to return to ______.
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pairs of lines that rhyme with each othercoupletsform or ordinary speechprose10 syllable, iambic pentameter lines in rhyming coupletsheroic coupletsImportant theme in ALL of Moliere's plays?know the face from the maskin French, Tartuffe is written in ______, or twelve syllablesalexandrineMoliere uses family matter to comment on _________ mattersglobalWho was upset at Moliere?Religious hypocritesWho does Orgon represent in France?The KingWhich aspects of Neoclassical dramas come from Aristotle's Poetics (335 BC)? What did Moliere add?time and place; action added my MoliereWhy did the neoclassicists believe we read and go to plays?To connect man's views3 aspects of Moliere's character comedy?-depends more on character development rather than plot -small cast and simple plot -uses stock charactersWhy does Moliere use stock characters?Because it makes it easy to communicate to audienceWho serves as the voice of reason?CleanteBecause Dorine is a woman how does she get her message across?WitWhere does the story of Babel come from?Genesis 11:1-9what are the two types of characters?static dynamicEvery Greek protagonist falls because of _____prideNature is a ________ _________cosmic machineWho does Moliere say is complaining in preface of his petitions?The religious hypocritesMoral of tartuffe?It is our character that saves usWhat is the latin phrase for "God out of the machine"?deus ex machinaGreek tragedy depicts the downfall of a noble hero/heroine through a combo of:pride fate will of the godsAristotle says that the greek hero that must have a _________ and undergo a __________ in ___________flaw; change / fortuneWhat are the 4 humors?blood yellow bile phlegm black bileNeoclassicism values the __________ , not the individualgeneralwhat uses wit as a weapon to critique society?Satirelight and humorous type of satireHoration satirebiting and vindictive type of satireJuvenalian satireWhat was Pope denied as a Catholic?right to vote right to serve in military right to go to public schoolPopes three phases of careers?-noncontroversial verses/poems -editing and translating -wrote satire criticizing governmentWhat is an epistle?a formal letter written to explain or informAnother term for instinctual behavior?mannersPope's MAIN concern?the rise of the middle class which would be too focused on raising money (leaving arts and education behind)Why did Pope write the epistles in prose?In order to better capture "force" and grace" of the argument; and it sticks with the readerPope's thesis of his first Epistle?Pope is going to vindicate the ways of God to manPope speaks in _______ termsgeneralPope emphasizes the importance of ___________submitting4 commonplace thoughts that Pope is bringing?-great chain of being -no partial evil, only universal good -basic character is defined by ruling humour -society has declined from a Golden ageAccording to pope we use our reason to be discontent by being too involved in?our own petty desiresImportance of mazes in Pope's epistles?Life is a maze, and we can only see party of it. "Tis but a part we see, and not a whole"What makes us rise out of our bounds according to Pope?Pride- "Say first, of God above or man below, what can reason but from what we know"Interpret: "Hope spring eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest." - PopeAll we have is right now, but we're not grateful for itPope: "In ______, in reasoning _________, our error lies"prideAccording to Pope our ability to reason comes from?PrideAccording to Pope, if you change the laws you are defying the ________ _________Eternal CauseWhat Bible verse is this "Now we see life darkly and we dont understand tragedy - we will know when we die." ?1 Corinthians 13:12What Bible verse is this: "To everything there is a season and a time..."Ecclesiastes 3:1What philosophy does Swift play around with? And what is it?social scientism; Wealth of nation lies in its population (workforce)What does Swift take on in his Modest Proposal?a persona2 classes of people in Ireland?cottagers and laborersrational to empathize; common sense unites us a humanscommon senseSwift's proposal?age 1 take child to the gibbetWhy would Swift's plan work?-lessen number of Catholics -tenants can pay landlords -increase nation's stock -taverns will make more money -marriage is encouraged -less likely to get abortion -less domestic violence -more beef and pork could be exported -new dished for wedding and christeningsactual solutions for Ireland?-tax absentee landlords -buy local (reject foreign luxury) -be moderate -learn to have pride in Ireland -merchants shouldn't cheat their customersRomanticism values the ________. Each person is a unique representation of a wholeindividualIn Romanticism threat to the individual was a threat from whatever attempted to repress a person's _________ and _______uniqueness and spiritualnessIn romanticism, the world is an extension of the _________ _________human soulfairly short poem expressing the personal mood, feeling, or meditation of a single speakerthe lyrican elevated, serious poem addressed to a person or abstract entityodea poem of 14 rhyming lines of equal length with a patterned schemesonnetDark views of Romanticism?-the end of the organic process is death -limitations are put on the human spirit by the world, social organization, the mortality of the body, the psyche itselfromantics valued mankind's __________ of itselfsenseRomantics saw the artist's mind as kin to the mind of God: creating _________ out of chaosbeautyBlake believed that the human psyche was ________dividedWhat does Blake believe that collapses a chain of order?that we are all divineFour basic faculties in human beings?reason passion imagination instinctBlake believed in a __________ ________ but dormant in each of usgodhood latentBlake believed that man is ________ God's image.literalllyAccording to Blake, Jesus realized his _________ _____________ which is dormant in other human beingsGodhood latentBlake says that humankind can create miracles through the power of ___________perceptionAccording to Blake, _______, _________, _________, and ________.mercy, pity, peace, and loveIn Blake's "the Chimney Sweeper", what does mother also represent?the state of the nationWhy did Blake use nicknames in The chimney Sweeper?To keep the story more intimate and personalWordsworth daw mankind as guided by ________natureHow does Wordsworth say that poetry helps heal a spiritually ailing world?Allowing time to reflectWhat does Wordsworth say about the accessibility of poetry?He believed it being assessable and uses simple languageWordsworth's poems move in __________oscillationsWordsworth's poems oscillate: between _______ of the external scene and __________ analysis of feelingsexternal; introspectiveWordsworth's poems oscillate: between _________ and their subsequent __________experiences; ideasWordsworth's poems oscillate: between remembered ___________ and ___________ circumstancespast; presentWordsworth's poems oscillate: between ____________ confession ("I") and __________ truths ("we")personal; universalWhat does "host" mean in Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"?represents something that has become symbolic (like Christs body in bread and blood in wine)Significance of daffodils in "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by Wordsworth?for his deceased daughter because they come back once a year and show the promise of spring (renewal and oscillation)Importance of a bay in "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by Wordsworth?induces thoughts of cyclical patternsImportance of a simple rainbow in "My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold"?It is the simple pleasures that inspire our imaginationAccording to Part V of Wordsworth's "Ode" what is birth like?A dream that you wake up from and forget throughout the dayWhat is "shades of the prison house" in Wordsworth's Ode?society's rulesExplain: "It avails not time nor place - distance avails not" - Walt Whitman.Relates to Wordsworth's ability to collapse time and transport us to past and present simultaneouslyWhy did Wordsworth chose a child in his poem "We are Seven"?To emphasize her imagination and child-like faith in regards to counting her familyRomantics believed we came from _______ ________numbered soulsNarrative where the main character/speaker undergoes a major change in perceptionconversion narrativeHas the same sing-song quality as verse, repetition of keywords. equal number of syllables on both sidesbalance sentenceDouglass remembers the _________ the most, but feels most enslaved when he learns to _______cold; readgiving animal like characteristics to describe human beingsatavismWhere is the story of Ham in the bible?Genesis 19:20-27What 3 big myths does Douglass break down in his narrative?-White women had a different relationship with their children than black women -the myth that African American men cannot learn an intelligent skill -African American women and men are hyper-sexualRomantic elements of Douglass' narrative?-the root given to him by Sandy -the ships apostrophe -change in perception (mental courage to stand up to Mr. Covey)3 elements for dramatic monologue?-single speaker -silent listener -the speaker (often unknowingly) reveals something about himselfHow does the Duke physically show authority over the emissary?By getting him to sit and standing over him on the staircase.The Duke unknowingly reveals his ________ personalityegoistWhat allows the Duke control over the Duchess (even though she is dead)?The curtain over the portrait.