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Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst____
Dickinson was born in the year ____
The Dickinson family ____
Was well known and respected
Dickinson's ____ was the founder of Amherst College
Dickinson attended ____
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary
In her lifetime, ___ of Dickinson's poems were published anonymously
Dickinson's poetry was rejected during her lifetime because ___ MATA
Content was radical for the time period, didn't use proper punctuation, and it didn't rhyme
Dickinson's poetry gained attention from critics when her complete poems were published in _____
Dickinson died in the year ___
Dickinson's poem that poem with Success is counted sweetest, suggest that success is most appreciated when it is ____
Not achieved
The extended metaphor used in the poem compares success and defeat to ____
A war battle
The sound device used in the line Fame is Fickle Food is an example of ____
The speaker's opinion about fame is that it is ____
The crows inspect fame and flap past it to the ____
Farmer's corn
In the poem that opens with Hope is the thing with feathers, the speaker says that hope perches ____
In the soul
The "little bird" ____ MATA
Never stops singing, could be abashed by a storm, and kept so many warm
The speaker in the poem that opens with Much Madness is divinest sense suggests that sane people are the ones who ___
The speaker says that those who demur are "straightway dangerous and should be handles with a ____."
Madness as a divinest sense is an example of
In the poem that begins with This is my letter to the world, the speaker feels ___
Rejected by the world
Sound devices commonly used by Emily Dickinson include ___ MATA
Catalog, alliteration, and assonance
I heard a fly buzz when I died is told from the perspective of ____
Someone on his deathbed
Immediately after the speaker hears the fly buzz in the poem, ____
All goes dark (the windows failed)
The speaker in the poem ____ MATA
Is expecting death, thinks about keepsakes signed away, and is surrounded by family
The repetition of the stillness in the room emphasizes ____
The presence of a fly buzzing in the poem makes death seem
The speaker in the bustle in a house sweeps up her
What does the speaker do with her love
Puts it away
The bustle in the house the morning after death refers to ___
In the poem that begins with Because I could not stop for death, death is ____
In because i could not stop for death, the speaker is taken away in a
The speaker and death pass____ MATA
Fields of gazing grain, the setting sun, and children at recess
At the end of the poem, the speaker says that her ride with death was ___ ago
Walt whitman was born in ___
New York
Whitman was born in the year ____
During his lifetime, walt whitman was a ____
Volunteer at war hospitals
The first edition of Leaves of Grass was published in the year ___
The Deathbed Edition of Leaves of Grass was published in the year ___
Whitman's poetry ____ MATA
Was typically written in free verse, captured the sound of speech, and included words from everyday language
____ praised Whitman's Leaves of Grass saying, "it is the most extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom that America has yet contributed."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The singing in I Hear America Singing is indicative of ____
Whitman's poem I Hear America Singing _____ MATA
Includes a catalog, is upbeat and joyful, and has a patriotic tone
The speaker hears ___ singing MATA
Shoemakers, mechanics
Whitman refers to Manhattan as ____
My city
The poem Mannahatta ____ MATA
Has a positive tone, is written in free verse, contains a catalog, and is an observation of life in the city
The tone of I Sit and Look Out is ____
One of sorrow
At the end of the poem, the speaker ____
Remains silent
Walt Whitman used ___ as his symbol of the cycle of life and death
The opening lines of Song of Myself- I celebrate myself, and sing myself,/ and what I assume, you shall assume,/ for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you...- are ____
The speaker in the song of myself is ____
A middle-aged man
The speaker in Song of Myself can be described as ___ MATA
Friendly, humble, and confident
A ___ asks the speaker, "What is the grass?"
I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,/ I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world....these lines from Song of Myself show the speaker's ____
Desire to be heard
At the end of Song of Myself, the speaker will be ____
Somewhere waiting for the reader
In the poem O Captain! My Captain! Is a/an ____ because it continues throughout the poem
Extended metaphor
The speaker in the poem expresses ____ MATA
Sorrow, shock
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting... is an example of _____
The speaker is ___ the captain
Fond of
Smell you the buckwheat where the bees were lately buzzing? Is an example of ____
The ____ consoles the mother in the poem Come up from the fields, father
By the end of the poem, the reader knows that Pete ____
Has died
The family on the farm receives news of their son during the season of ____
In the poem Hush'd Be The Camps Today, the weapons are ___
Thoreau moved to Walden pond on___.
July 4, 1845
In walden, Thoreau said that people are too concerned with__
The lives of others
Thoreau's suggestion for making life less hectic was__
Thoreau went to Walden pond to live deliberately, living deliberately means__
Living with a purpose
In Civil Disobedience, Thoreau called for__
A improved government
Thoreau said that the practical reason for allowing the majority to rule was__
They were the strongest
Thoreau believed that__ should be respected more than the law\
A person's conscience
Henry David Thoreau's meaning of civil disobedience__MATA
Inspired Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, nonviolence and passive, political resistance to protect government action
In Nature, mean egotism refers to__
One's sense of self
Emerson favors__ because it promotes growth in a person
Emerson saw that people who wish to have a healthy attitude about life ought to live like__
Emerson believed that society expected__
Emerson believed that the most sacred thing of all was__
The integrity of one's mind
Emerson believed that truth should be sought from__
Within oneself
Emerson believed that true religion first resided in __
The individual
Emerson felt __ while in the woods
Emerson saw the connection between God, nature, and man to be__
God's divinity is available to all people through nature
Before he became a well-known transcendentalist and author, Ralph Waldo Emerson was_
Transcendentalist believed that man could live without__
Transcendentalist began in America in the year__
This is my letter to the world/that never wrote to me
Emily D.
Open the envelope quickly/o this is not our son's writing, yet his name is signed
Walt W.
All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses/and to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier
Walt W.
City of hurried and sparkling waters, city of spires and masts, city nested in bays
Walt W.
The sweeping up the heart/and putting love away/we shall not want to use again
Emily D.
The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality
Emily D.
Each signing what belongs to him or her and to none else/singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs
Walt W.
But sing, poet, in our name, sing of the love we bore him, because you/dweller in camps, know it truly
Walt W.
And soldiers, let us drape our war worn weapons
Walt W.
Success is counted sweetest/by those who ne'er succeed
Emily D.
Oh captain my captain was the elegy that Walt Whitman wrote in honor of President Lincoln
The speaker in Song of Myself says that he shares atoms with other people
There is a first person narrator in Song of Myself
Song of Myself is over 300 stanzas long
Walt W. and Emily D. wrote reviews of their own poetry
Walt W. died in 1873 after suffering a stroke
Walt W. left school at age 11
Walt W. opposed slavery
Walt W. graduated with a degree in Modern Languages from Bowdoin College
Walt W. was an only child
In a poem that opens with because I could not stop for death, death waits until the speaker is ready to depart on their journey
The speaker in Bustle in a house will put love away until eternity
The speaker in Hope is the thing with feathers has heard hope is the chillest land on the strangest sea
Emily D. wrote that men eat of it(fame) and die to emphasize the danger of fame
Emily D. did not title her poems with words
Emily D. died after suffering a mental breakdown
Emily D. sister, Lavinia, had her poetry published after Emily's death
Emily D. was diagnosed with depression
After her death, Dickinson's poetry was discovered tied into neat little bundles and hidden in the back dresser drawers in her room
Emily D. left a request in her will that her poetry be published upon her death
At the end of Song of Myself, Whitman says that his body__
Returns to the earth
Whitman tells the reader to look for him__
Under their boot soles
In Song of Myself, Whitman says that the grass could be__MATA
The flag of his disposition, the handkerchief of the lord, beautiful uncut hair of graves
Mannahatta means__
Hill island
The positive tone of I hear America Singing is created in part by Whitmans__
Our dear commander being described in the poem is__
President lincoln