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Huck Finn was published in__
The central idea or insight in a work of literature__
Mark Twain was born in__
Florida Missouri
Mark Twain was born on__
Mark Twain's birth name__
Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Jobs held by Mark Twain__MATA
Reporter, riverboat pilot, typesetter
Mark Twain began using his pen name in__
Mark Twain means
Safe water
Mark Twain was married to__
Olivia Langdon
Twain had__
3 daughters
Twain died in__
In Twain's later years, he wore a__
White suit
The notice of the novel__MATA
Sets the humorous tone, tells the reader not to take the novel seriously
The point of view is__
1st person
The narrator is__
Widow Douglass__
Tries to civilize him
Name of Tom's band of robbers__
Tom Sawyers gang
Huck's only desire in the beginning of the book is__
Go somewhere
Superstitious characters involve__MATA
Jim, huck, pap
Jim is owned by__
Miss Watson
Jim predicts the future with a__
Details of Huck's staged murder includes__MATA
Cutting a hole in cornmeal, killing a wild pig, breaking down the door with an ax
Pap's tirade about the government demonstrates__
Satire of a southern white male
Huck and Jim begin their journey together when they meet on__
Jackson's Island
On Jackson's Island, Jim is injured when__
He is bitten by a snake
False identities of Huck Finn include__MATA
Sarah mary williams, george jackson, george peters
Worst bad luck in the world is__
Touching snake skin
People blamed for Huck's murder__MATA
Jim, pap
Walter Scott is__
A steamboat
Jim and Huck float south on__
Mississippi river
Details from Jim's escape to the north__MATA
Locating Cairo, IL, taking a steamboat up ohio river
Jim calls Huck__
When Jim reaches a free state, he plans to__MATA
Get a job, reunite with family
The grangerfords and shepardsons are fighting over__
Nobody remembers
Types of art created by emmaline
Jim and Huck are reunited by__
Jack, a slave
Scenes from shakespeare include__MATA
Richard lll, hamlet, romeo and juliet
Jim is disguised as__MATA
Runaway slave, sick arab
Sherburn shoots boggs because
He was yelling insults
The king and duke pretend to be__
Brothers of peter wilks
Huck tells __ the truth
Mary jane
Huck hides the money in__
Peter's coffin
The corpse is exhumed to__
Look at his tattoo
Tom sawyer pretends to be__
William thompson
__tells the phelpses about the duke and king's rip off show__
Tom and sid send Jim a rope ladder in__
A baked pie
__is shot in the leg__
__ helps the doctor take care of the injury
Who legally frees jim__
Miss watson
At the end of the novel, Huck__
Is going to light out his journey
It took mark twain 18 years to complete huck finn
Huck finn is set in the mississippi river
Realism captures the reality of life
All novels prior used standard english
Halley's comet appeared at mark twain's birth and death
IL is across the mississippi river
Hannibal was used as settings for some novels
Twain was a confederate soldier for 2 week
Clemens family lived in europe for most of the 1890s
Huck finn was the first american novel to successfully use vernacular
The characters of Tom Sawyers and Huck Finn represent realism in the novel
Pap wants huck to get an education so that he can get a job and support paps drinking
Huck prefers living in the woods with pap over living with the widow
Huck and jim both see the dead man in chapter 9
Huck eventually tells jim that he put the snake in Jim's bed
Judith loftus and her husband are going to search jackson's island for the runaway slave
After their separation in the fog, huck refuses to apologize to jim
Huck and jim are separated when a steamboat crashes into their raft
Huck witnesses buck grangerfords murder
The duke is older than the king
The duke and king don't know each other before meeting on the raft
The king pretends to be a reformed alcoholic at pokeville camp and raises over $80
Sherburn breaks up the mob by firing his gun into the air and calling the members cowards
Huck begins to realize that Jim misses his family just as much as any white man would
Sally and silas believe that huck is sid sawyer when he arrives at the plantation
The duke and king are lynched
Tom is a foil character to huck during the phelp's plantation section
Huck gives jim $40 for being a patient prisoner
Paps whereabouts are unknown at the end of the novel
Adventures of huck finn is an example of realism
"All I wanted was to go somewhere; all I wanted was a change, I warn't particular"
Huck finn
"Now ben rogers do you want to do things regular, or dout bout you reckon that the people that made the books knows whats the correct thing to do"
Tom sawyer
"she(miss watson) told me to pray everyday, and whatever I asked for I would get. But it wasn't so. I tried it. Once I got a fish line but no hooks"
Huck finn
"You're educated too they say; can read and writ. You think you're better than your father, now don't you, because he can't"
"It's too good for thee, honey, it's too good for thee. lemme look at you,chile, lemme fell o' you. No, you ain' dead
"It was 15 minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a slave, but I done it, and I warn't ever sorry afterwards, neither"
Huck finn
" Don't you holler. Just set still, and take it like a man. I got to tell you the truth, and you want to brace up, miss mary, because it's a bad kind and going to be hard to take
Huck finn
"Because I'd got to decide, forever, between 2 things, and I knowed it. I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself: all right then, I'll go to hell, and tore it up"
Huck finn
"I knowed he was white inside, and I reckoned he'd say what he did say"
Huck finn
"I tole you I got a hairy breas en whats de sign un, ti i ben rich wusnt, en gwineter to be rich again, en its come true
Adventure of huck finn is a racist novel