John Steinbeck


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Steinbeck was born in what year
february 27, 1902
Steinbeck was born in what state
Salinas, CA
Steinbeck's father was a
a county treasurer
Steinbeck's mother was a
a teacher (she had a strong influence on his love for reading and writing)
How many siblings did Steinbeck have
had 3 sisters
Steinbeck grew up in
fertile valley CA
What did Steinbeck do in fertile valley
gathered most of the material for the books he would write later
Steinbeck attended what university in what years
Stanford from 1920-1925
Did John Steinbeck graduated with a degree
After leaving Stanford, where did Steinbeck move to
He moved to NYC and tried to establish himself as a freelance writer
Did Steinbeck do well in NYC
No, failed and returned to CA
What was Steinbeck first book
Cup of Gold (1929)
which book made Steinbeck widely known
Tortilla Flat (1935)
How many times did Steinbeck get married
3 times
How many children did Steinbeck have
had 2 sons (with his second wife)
All of Steinbeck's novels are classified as
social novels dealing with economic problems of rural labor
Was there a there worship of the soil present in Steinbeck's novels
both of these classifications were influenced by (Soil and Eco. Probs)
The setting in which he grew up
3 of Steinbeck's novels from the late 1930's focus specifically on
The CA laboring class in Dubious Battle
What year did Steinbeck write Of Mice and Men
What year did Steinbeck write Grapes of Wrath
Did Stienbeck spend time in the settings used in his novels
In a truck he covered 40 states in 3 months heading west which inspired which book
Travels with Charley (1962)
Stienbeck was awarded The Pulitzer Prize for which book
Grapes of Wrath
What award did Stienbeck recieve in what year
The Nobel Prize for literature in 1962
What did Stienbeck die of and in what year
Died of heart disease in 1968 (NYC)
Where are Stienbeck's ashes buried
a cemetery in Salinas