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  1. Page numbers can appear at the top, bottom, or sides of pages. Usually page one is not numbered in a newsletter.
  2. Photograph of a person's head and shoulders with that person looking staiight into the camera.
  3. Bylines is a short phrase or paragraph that indicates the same of the author of an article in a newsletter.
  4. The body of the newsletter is the bulk of the text excluding the headlines and decorative text elements.
  5. Subheads appear within the body of articles to divide the article into smaller sections.

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  1. MastheadThe masthead is that section of a newsletter design, typically found on the second page (but could be on any page) that lists the name of the publisher and other pertinent data.


  2. JumplinesJumplines, also called continuation lines, typically appear at the end of a column, as in continuation on pages.


  3. KickerThe newsletter deck is one or more lines of text found between the headline and the body of the article. The deck elaborates or expands on the headline and topic of the accompanying text.


  4. Continuation headMore familiarly known as a header, a running headline is repeating text - often the title of the publication - that appears, usually at the top, of each page or every other page in a newsletter design.


  5. End SignsA dingbat or printer's ornament used to mark the end of a story in a newsletter is an end sign. It signals the reader that they have reached the end of the article.


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