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Allusions--Mythology 1

Achilles' heel
today, one spot that is most vulnerable; one weakness a person may have. Achilles was invulnerable except for his heel (achilles tendon).
handsome young man; Aphrodite loved him.
goddess of wisdom, the city, and arts; patron goddess of the city of Athens
strong like Atlas-who carried the globe (world) on his shoulders
n; wild, drunken party or celebration; from god of wine Bacchus
adj; pertaining to a wild, drunken party or celebration from god of wine, Bacchus (Roman), Dionysus (Greek)
a person who continually predicts misfortune but often is not believed; from (Greek legends) a daughter of Priam cursed by Apollo for not returning his love; he left her with the gift of prophecy but made it so no one would believe her
a monster that had the heads, arms, and chest of a man, and the body and legs of a horse
a horrible creature of the imagination, an absurd or impossible idea; wild fancy; a monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail, supposed to breathe out fire
eager "desire" to possess something; greed or avarice; Roman god of love (Greek name is Eros)
of or having to do with sexual passion or love; Greek god of love, Eros
(Latin-furere to rage) wild enthusiasm or excitement, rage: fury, "run like fury"; any one of the three Furies
a very ugly or terrible person, especially a repulsive woman.; Medusa, any one of the three sisters have snakes for hair and faces so horrible that anyone wo looked at them turned to stone
calm, peaceful, tranquil-Archaic bird supposed to breed in a nest on the sea and calm the water, identified with the kingfisher (Latin<Greek halkyon)
a predatory person or nagging woman; from harpy, a foul creature that was part woman, part bird
to bully; from Hector, the son of Priam (king of Troy), and the bravest Trojan warrior. Killed Achilles' friend Patroclus
Helen (of Troy)
Hellenistic; of or relating to Greece, or a Specialist of language or culture in Greece; symbol of a beautiful woman; from Helen of Troy, the daughter of Leda and Zeus-the cause of the Trojan War
very strong or of extraordinary power; from Hercules, Hera's glory, the son of Zeus. He performed the 12 labors imposed by Hera
having many centers or branches, hard to bring under control; something bad you cannot eradicate; from Hydra, the 9-headed serpent that was sacred to Hera. Hercules killed him in one of the 12 labors.
a play of colors producing rainbow effects; from Iris, goddess of the rainbow
good humored; from the word Jove, used to express surprise or agreement (Jupiter)
suited for war or a warrior; from Mars, the Roman God of War
sorceress or enchantress; from Medea who helped Jason and the Argonauts capture the Golden Fleece; known for her revenge against Jason when he spurned her for the princess of Corinth
a trusted counselor or guide; from Mentor, a friend of Odysseus' son, who was entrusted with his education
adj., suddenly cranky or changeable; Roman Mythology, of or relating to the God Mercury