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Nature and importance of places


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a definite location on a map or a description of the human and physical characteristics of a particular location. Place can be defined as a location with meaning
the idea that a particular landscape, such as shopping malls or airport terminals, could be anywhere and lack character and uniqueness
where a place is, often related to by coordinates on a map
the place where something happens or is set, or that has particular events associated with it e.g. Glastonbury. Takes into account the impact people have on a location.
deliberate shaping of an environment to improve a communities quality of life and facilitate social interaction
Sense of place
the subjective and emotional attachment people have to places
Experience, age, ethnicity, gender, language
factors that can affect people's sense of place
Descriptive approach
idea that the world is a set of places and each place can be studied and is distinct
Social constructionist approach
sees place as a product of a particular set of social processes occurring at a particular time
Phenomenological approach
not interested in the unique characteristics of a place or why it was constructed. Instead it is interested in how an individual person experiences place, recognizing a highly personal relationship between place and person
concept developed by Yi-Fu Tuan to describe the bond between people and place arguing that it is through human perception and experience that we get to know places
Tourist Gaze
explained by sociologist John Urry as the set of expectations that tourists place on local populations when they participate in heritage tourism, in the search for having an "authentic" experience. In response to tourist expectations and often cultural and racial stereotypes, local populations reflect back the "gaze" of the expectations of tourists in order to benefit financially
Ground Zero
the site of the former World Trade Centre in New York and a memorial to the victims of a terrorist attack, an example of a place with "Tourist Gaze"
Glastonbury Tor
a spiritual site where pagan beliefs are still celebrated, the site also has plans of 2 superimposed churches.
Glastonbury festival
annual music festival attracting hundreds of thousands or people who have their own sense of place for the area
Glastonbury place history
according to Visit Britain "in English legend this towering hill is said to be a gateway to the Kingdom of Avalon, the legendary island featured in stories of King Arthur. The formation of the seven terraces on which the ruins of St Michael's Tower sit, remain unexplained to this day."
Private space
a space that is privately owned and public access may be prohibited or limited
Public space
space that is open and accessible to the public, also known as public realm