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Global sense of place
Idea from Doreen Massey that "specificity of place which derives from the fact that each place is the focus of a distinct mixture of wider and more local social relations.... as the product of layer upon layer of different sets of linkages, both local and to the wider world."
The process by which the world is becoming increasingly interconnected as a result of massively increased trade and cultural exchange. Globalisation has increased the production of goods and services. Impacts Places
The practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations, for example, McDonalds adjusts its menus to the diets of the people in the place
Localisation of place
The process of making something local in character or restricting it to a particular place
To make uniform or similar, it is argued that globalization is making places increasingly similar through economic and communication forces
Town in South Devon resisting globalization, initially via a battle to stop Costa Coffee opening an outlet there in 2012
Totnes pound
A complementary local currency that provides the opportunity to strengthen the local economy whilst preventing money from leaking out.
Transition Town Movement
Refers to grassroot community projects that aim to increase self-sufficiency to reduce the potential effects of peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability
Government Policies
Can drastically change places, such as urban regeneration schemes like UDCs or financial incentives for certain industries/tax breaks etc.
Multinational corporations
Can make decisions that massively affect places, such as Nissan's decision to manufacture in Sunderland of Mondelez International shutting down the Cadbury factory near Bristol and relocating to Poland
Global Institutions
Such as the IMF or World Bank can affect places, e.g. World Bank was running 15 projects in Haiti in 2015
Redevelopment projects
e.g.upgrading of East London for the 2012 Olympics are welcomed by some residents but not by all. Improvements might not always benefit all people who there.
National Institutions
Such as the National Trust can affect what changes and to what extent they occur - such as English Heritage and Listed Buildings
a place shaped almost entirely on the beliefs of the Cadbury family
Bournville Garden Village
Provided ample space for tree lined roads and spacious sanitary housing for employees of Cadburys
Cadbury family
Paid for schools, hospitals, museums and public baths via their Bournville Village Trust