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Place meaning and representation


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Place experiences change over time
Places are dynamic and therefore should be understood as a coming together of people, ideas, wealth and information rather than simply locations.
Place Meaning
Relates to individual or collective perceptions of place.
Place Representation
Is how a place is 'portrayed' or 'seen' in society.
Place memory
The ability of a place to make the history of that place come to life in the present. E.g. museums, plaques, buildings, literature etc.
Sense of place
The meaning attributed to a place as influenced by our interactions with it: place can be experienced by living and working there, or by visiting.
What is perception of place?
The way an individual/group is able to characterize a place through platforms such as the media and not actual experience.
Manipulation of place perception
To change people's views about a place via various means such as using marketing and the media, changing the look of a place or by completely altering that place
Positively changing the standing and reputation of a place through specific improvements. Disassociates the place from previous negative images such as poor housing, social deprivation, crime and pollution.
The way or ways in which a place is re-developed and marketed so that it gains a new identity. It can then attract new investors and visitors. It may involve both re-imaging and regeneration
Long term process improving an area that has been experiencing a period of decline. Tries to reverse urban decline, omprove societal, environmental and economic conditions in a sustainable manner
Top-down approach
Decisions made by authorities and agencies (from the top) that are imposed on local communities
Bottom-up approach
Decisions based on listening to local people's options and with local involvement from the community
Partnership approach
An approach that aims to combine the best of bottom up and top down
A person, group or organisation that has a direct or indirect interest in the outcomes of a particular development or decision. Stakeholders can either influence the outcomes or be affected by them.
Agents of change
Aim to manage the perception of place and include national and local government, corporate bodies, tourist organisations and community groups
Slogan design for major Dutch city to be clear, powerful, short and memorable as the city attempted to shift its reputation from negatives images caused by decline in some areas, competition from other cities, and a reputation for liberalism on issues like soft drugs and prostitution