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to sell goods abroad


to buy goods from foreign markets

cash crop

farm crop raised to be sold for money

subsistence farming

farming in which only enough food to feed ones family is produced

triangular trade

a trade route that exchanged goods between the West Indies, the American colonies, and West Africa

Middle Passage

a part of the Triangular trade when enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies,also the most inhuman part of the triangle trade


excess; amount left over after necessary expenses are paid


a region of flat, low-lying plains along the seacoast,also where most of the large southern plantations were located


a region of hills and forests west of the Tidewater


person who supervises a large operation or its workers

slave code

laws passed in the Southern states that controlled and restricted enslaved people

charter colony

colony established by a group of settlers who had been given a formal document allowing them to settle

proprietary colony

colony run by individuals or groups to whom land was granted

royal colony

colony run by a governor and a council appointed by the king or queen

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