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Test Monday

What happens in the cafeteria that makes melinda run out of the lunchroom?

Some guys are goofing off, and she accidentally gets hit with mashed potatoes.

How is matilda's attitude in her art class different from her attitude towards her other classes?

She feels safe in the art room. this is the only class where she pays attention and does her work

Describe the globe Mr. Feeman uses in his class and explain how he uses it?

the globe was a gift from a student Mr. Freeman had three years ago. This student went on to win several art contest and made Mr. freeman very proud

Describe how the students at Merryweather Hight School treat Melinda

She is hated by everyone. They push her down the bleachers, knock her books over, and say rude things to her in the halls.

Melinda's parents work all the time and are rarely home. How does her family communicate?

They leave sticky notes on the kitchen counter.

Where is melinda's new hiding place at school?

In an abandoned janitor's closet

What did melinda do that has caused everyone in school to hate her?

She called the cops at a huge party over the summer

What dfoes melinda do on Halloween instead of going trick-or treating?

she reads Dracula

Describe Melinda's lips

Her lips are covered in scabs. She is constantly chewing on them, making them bleed and look gross

The school has decided to change the school mascot four times. Which of the following is NOT and explanation for why it has been changed?

The merryweather Bees-Changed because too many people were allergic to them

What author has the school district banned from the school library?

Maya Angelou, poet and author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Why does david petrakis walks out of Mr. Neck's class?

Mr. Neck makes a racist comment about nativ americans in his lecture. David gets upset because he is part Native american. When Mr. Neck does it again, he tells him he will not sit in a room with a racist teacher-and walks out.

Describe the art project Melinda makes with the turkey bones

the turkey bones are arranged to look like a skeleton. There is a Barbie doll head on top of the turkey with a piece of tape over her mouth. A fork and knife are used as legs.

Why does David Petrakis video his social studies class?

He wants to capture future incidents of Mr. Neck behaving inappropriately in class.

Why is melinda so overwhelmed by the christmas gift her parents gave her?

Melinda feels like her parents never notice her. This gift shows they have been paying attention to her new interest in are and wanted to give her something she would love.

Who is the "IT" melinda refers to?

Andy Evans, a boy she hates

"My parents are arguing. Not a rip-roarer. A simmering argument, a few bubbles splashing on the stove," is an example of what literary element?


What animal does melinda compare herself to whenever she sees Andy?

She compares herself to a rabit that freezes when it gets scared and then runs away

what reasons does heather give melinda for no longer sitting with her at lunch

Heather tells melinda she doesn't want to be friends wit hsomeone who is depressed and weird, so they con no longer sit together at lunch

Who gives melinda a valentine card on Valentine's day?


Melinda only really speaks to one person. Who can get her to open up and have a real conversation?

Mr. Freeman, her art teacher

Melinda is struggling with her art project. She can't figure out how to make a tree show emotion, so she looks to picasso for inspiration. What unique artistic method does she take from him and apply to her tree?


What is melinda's reward for going to all her classes for an entire week?

She gets to buy new clothes at the department store where her mother works

Why is melinda's hesitant to go to the party David petrakis is throwing at his house to celebrate the basketball victory?

She is scared his parents might not be there and the pary will get out of hand.

What is melinda's initial reaction to andy when he approached her at the party last summer?

She is really excited because someone so cute was flirting with her. She thinks she will begin high school with a boyfriend to watch over her.

Why does the PTA want to change the hornet mascot to something else?

The PTA thinks that the new hornet cheer is too provocative and doesn't like the way cheerleaders are wearing a stinger.

How does Ivy offer Melinda help?

Ivy helps Melinda make her trees lok more realistic by varying the size of leaves and layering them

Why does Melinda's dad always take a taxi to the airport?

Melinda used to pretend she was a princess and one day the king and queen would come get her in a limo. When a limo showed up to take her dad to the airport she was frightened thinging it was the king and queen coming to ake her away, so now he takes a taxi.

Melinda is unsure of whether or not she should warn Rachel/Rachelle about andy. Which of the following is NOT a reason she is nervous to tell her?

Melinda has seen ANdy act like a perfect gentleman wit hhis last few girlfriends. Melinda thinks that maybe ANdy learned this lesson and has changed, giving her no reason to warn rachel/Rachelle.

How idoes melinda warn rachel about andy?

Melinda writes an anonymous note with her left hand to disguise her handwriting and mails in to rache's house.

What does melinda do to get sent to in-school suspension?

Melinda wrote an inappropriate comment on her english paper. When her teacher read it she sent melinda to the office wher she was suspended

What event propts melinda to go home, crawl in her closet, bury her face in her clothes, and scream at the top of her lungs?

ANy evans comes into the art room when she is alone and sits very close to melinda.

What happens at school that ruins melinda's shirt?

ivy has uncapped markers stuck in the bun of her hair. When she turns her head the markers write all over melinda's shirt.

What is on the back of the bathroom stall doors?

Students write miniature conversations on the stall doors. There are phone numbers, comments about people in school, and random thoughts from students.

What has happened to the people who were supposed to help HEather decorate from Prom?

the sophmores and juniors decide that since Heather is only a freshman the ywilol make her do all the work

How does the reader know that other people in the school have been sexually harrassed or raped by Andy Evans

Melinda writes a note saying to stay away from ANdy on the bathroom wall. After only a few days, tons of other students have responded to her comment on the stall. Several students write about their experience with Andy, alluding to other cases of sexual harassment and rape.

Where does Melinda go on her first bike ride?

Melinda goes to Heather's house to try to become friends again

What happened between rachel and Andy at the Prom?

Rachel overhears andy talking to his friends about later that night. She finds out he got a hotel room and is expection more than she is ready to give. WShe sneaks off and leaves andy at the prom with no explanation about where she went.

The first time melinda was raped she couldn't find her voice and she couldn't find the inner strength to fight back. How does she react when Andy attempts to rape her again?

She is frozen at first but then starts to scream "No." Andy covers her mouth and tries to overpower her, buty Melinda uses all her strength to break a mirror and hold a shard of glass to his throat.

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