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NWEA Words

Northwest Evaluation Association; a standardized test
RIT score
a number scale developed by NWEA that uses the individual item difficulty values to estimate student achievement. To test out of reading class, 9th graders must have a RIT score of 218 or higher in the fall testing. 10th graders must have a RIT score of 221 or higher in the fall testing.
Percentile rank (%ile)
a number that tells where your rank falls out of 100 others. Example: if you fall in the 24th percentile, it means that out of 100 students, 23 students scored less that you and 74 scored higher
lexile level
a number that helps identify reading material that is at an appropriate difficulty level for individual
students. A number that will help you know how easy or hard a text is to read
words that you may or may not know the meaning of
literary texts
stories based on characters, themes, plot and setting
informational texts
a text that is factual or written to teach something; usually nonfiction
persuasive texts
text that is written to convince or persuade the reader of something
target growth
on the NWEA it is the RIT score goal you want to achieve over a period of time
numbers that provide a framework of reference for test scores. The fall median RIT score norm for 10th grade is 226, for 9th grade it is 222.