Idioms to describe people (English Vocabulary in Use Upp-Int Unit 9)


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He gets on everyone's nerves
He irritates everyone
She has a heart of gold
She's very kind or generous
She has a head like a sieve
She has a bad memory
He has his head in the clouds
He is unaware of reality
He is head and shoulders above his brother.
He is much better than his brother
She buried her head in the sand.
She refused to think about a bad situation
She always keeps her head.
She always keeps calm in stressful situations.
He's round the bend.
He's completely crazy.
She's an odd-ball.
She's peculiar or strange.
He is big-headed.
He has a high opinion of himself.
She is top of the class.
She is the best in the class.
He's Billy-no-mates.
He has no friends.
He's all mouth and no trousers.
He talks confidently but performs poorly.