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inflammation of the sac around a joint

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

swelling of the tendon in the wrist, causing pressure on the median nerve


contraction of one or more muscles

ganglion cyst

tumors developing on a tendon (sometimes on back of wrist)


protrusion or projection of an organ or part of an organ through the wall of the cavity which normally contains it

muscular dystrophy

muscular weakness; nerve impulse fails to induce normal muscle contractions

myastenia gravis

condition of no strength in the muscle; neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness; autoimmune disease


a muscle tumor


inflammation of muscle tissue


inflammation of gray matter in the spinal cord which may or may not cause paralysis

shin splints

injury to the tibial muscle; pain on the anterior of leg


inflammation of the lining and enclosed tendon


inflammation of any tendon sheath


stiff neck caused by contraction of the neck muscles


a record of the contraction of a muscle as a result of electrical stimulation


a disorder of pain; tenderness and stiffness in joint capsule of muscle, tendons, and soft tissue


abnormal formation of fibrous tissue (a scar)


a condition in which the body temperature drops below normal


pain in the muscle


division or dissection of muscles


"false muscle growth" caused by certain diseases

rigor mortis

stiffness due to death

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