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  1. myoma
  2. myastenia gravis
  3. poliomyelitis
  4. pseudohypertrophy
  5. myotomy
  1. a inflammation of gray matter in the spinal cord which may or may not cause paralysis
  2. b a muscle tumor
  3. c condition of no strength in the muscle; neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness; autoimmune disease
  4. d "false muscle growth" caused by certain diseases
  5. e division or dissection of muscles

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  1. a disorder of pain; tenderness and stiffness in joint capsule of muscle, tendons, and soft tissue
  2. muscular weakness; nerve impulse fails to induce normal muscle contractions
  3. contraction of one or more muscles
  4. a condition in which the body temperature drops below normal
  5. inflammation of muscle tissue

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  1. Bursitisinflammation of the sac around a joint


  2. electromyographya record of the contraction of a muscle as a result of electrical stimulation


  3. torticollisinflammation of the lining and enclosed tendon


  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrometumors developing on a tendon (sometimes on back of wrist)


  5. rigor mortisabnormal formation of fibrous tissue (a scar)


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