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This set shows why graves are shaped the way they are.

Tier 1

A very simple grave made of a lump of earth, with your name scratched into it.
It crumbles away very easily.
Requirement: Level 1
Lifetime: 30 seconds

Tier 2

A wooden grave, large enough to show your level.
Susceptible to the wind.
Requirement: Levels 2 to 19
Lifetime: 1 minute

Tier 3

An unstable stone grave, etched with your name with a word or quote below.
Product may fall over.
Requirement: Level 20
Lifetime: 5 minutes

Tier 4

A bigger grave dedicated to budding adventurers that have had their lives cut short. The grave is now actually planted into the ground.
Requirement: 1 Maxed Stat
Lifetime: Until Reset

Tier 5

A proper grave with a small design sculptured above your name.
Requirement: 2 Maxed Stats
Lifetime: Until Reset

Tier 6

A big grave with lots of writing stating the circumstances leading to your death.
Requirement: 3 Maxed Stats
Lifetime: Until Reset

Tier 7

A large grave with a story engraved on it, telling of your 'heroic bravery' on your many adventures.
Requirement: 4 Maxed Stats
Lifetime: Until Reset

Tier 8

A large grave with a pointed top to represent alignment with the divine.
Requirement: 5 Maxed Stats
Lifetime: Until Reset

Tier 9

A huge, decorated grave with a cross, made in honor of the divine.
Requirement: 6 Maxed Stats
Lifetime: Until Reset

Tier 10

A huge, highly sculptured grave, a shrine under an arch.
Requirement: 7 Maxed Stats
Lifetime: Until Reset

Tier 11

A gigantic grave dedicated to the greatest of heroes and legendary eradicators of evil.
Requirement: 8 Maxed Stats
Lifetime: Until Reset

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