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Stephen Crane Quiz

definition of irony
difference between appearance and reality
difference between naturalism and determinism
literary movement that saw actions and events as resulting inevitably from biological or natural forces in the environment, philosophical definition
Stephen Crane was born after the war and lived for 28 years. He believed that human beings are ____moved by outer forces, free will is an illusion. He was born in ___ ____, his father was a minister, and he attended Syracuse University. His first novel was Maggie: a ____ ___ __ _____, then he published The ____ _____ of Courage. His free verse was issued in The Black Rider and in ____ ___ _____. His experiences as a reporter in Mexico, the American West, and Florida provided material for "The Blue Hotel" and "The Open _____." He met with famous writers including H.G. Wells, Joseph Conrad and Henry _____. He became ill with _____ and died in Germany. His works express his contempt for war, despite him not experiencing the Civil War firsthand.
pawns, New Jersey, girl of the street, red badge, war is kind, boat, james, tuberculosis
Which three people does Crane address in the poem "Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind"?
maiden who has lost her love, child who has lost his father, mother who has lost her son
The men were born to ____ and ____, great is the Battle-God, great, and his kingdom, a field where a thousand ____ lie. Swift blazing flag of the regiment, eagle with crest of red and gold. Point for them the virtue of ______ and make plain to them the _____ of killing.
drill and die, corpses, slaughter, excellence
How did the maiden's lover die? How did the babe's father die? Mother whose heart hung humble as a button on the bright splendid _____ of your son.
he threw up his arms and his horse ran out from under him, tumbled in the trenches and gasped for breath, shroud
Central character of A Mystery of Heroism:
Fred Collins, stupid, thirsty, overconfident, easily influenced and wants to be accepted
The army are 2 _____ as big as islands. What happened to the bugler?
animals, he was killed
the soldiers in the battery who were running the cannon wore ____ trousers, most of them were _____, meaning they were dead
white, horizontal
The guns were described as being _____, in contrast to their owners. The meadow became filled with _____. The _____ of calamity had under its glance the battery upon the hill.
calm, shells, angel
What does Collins want from the captain? What are the captain's terms?
permission to get water from the well, take back canteens
Does Collins want to go to the well, why or why not?
no, he had been led by emotions and was probably walking to his death
Why does Collins decide he can't be a hero? What 2 things is he ashamed of?
heroes had no shame, borrowing $15 from a friend and not paying it back and being lazy and irritable towards his now dead mother
What does Collins begin to feel as he fills up the canteen?
terror like he is being grabbed, he feels like a dead man
Why does Collins go back to the man to give him water?
I don't know. Maybe he wants to do a hero and do the right thing?
What happens to the water Collins brings back from the well?
two officers spill it