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POS Exam 4

The Fourteenth Amendment attempted to guarantee which of the following to former slaves?
Citizenship Rights
The fifteenth amendment guarantees citizens the right to vote regardless of
The provision of the fourteenth amendment that prohibits any state from denying "any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws" is known as the
Equal protection clause.
What was the objective of the women's suffrage movement?
The right to vote.
Which of these does the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ban?
Discrimination in public accomodations.
Women were guaranteed the right to vote by...
The ninteenth amendment.
In Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, The SUpreme Court determined that --- were unconstitutional.
Racial quotas.
What is the current legal status of American Indian tribes?
They are sovereign nations.
What did the Supreme Court determine was unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education?
Segregation of schools.
The Reverand Martin Luther King Jr. insisted that civil disobedience aimed at ending discrimination in the South should be conducted...
What provision of the Fourteenth amendment serves as a cornerstone of our understanding of civil rights?
The equal protection clause.
What strategy did the NAACP use most effectively to advance civil rights for African Americans?
Which of the following is an accurate statement about the "Don't Ask, Don't tell" policy?
It required gay and lesbian soldiers to keep quiet about their sexual orientation.
A law that classified people according to --- would be given strict scrutiny by the SUpreme Court to determine its constitutionality.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was designed to overturn which of the following?
Jim Crow Laws.
What was the main purpose for the March on Washington?
To urge Congress to adopt an antidiscrmination legislative agenda.
If a group of people had been systematically discriminated against in the past, a government might adopt which of the following policies to help members of this group overcome the legacy of this discrimination?
A college admissions policy that gives preferential treatment to members of the group.
Which of the following accomodations would an employer most likely have to make in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Installing a ramp and other physical accomodations for someone who uses a wheel chair.
Which of the following strategies for expanding civil rights would the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. have been most likely to support?
Boycotting stores that enforced segregationist policies.
If you thought you were getting an inferior public education because of your ethnicity, which part of the Constitution would you rely on most heavily to justify your case?
The fourteenth amendment.
Why did souther states enact poll taxes?
To get around the fifteenth amendment.
Why did Congress pass the Voting RIghts Act of 1965?
Because it was clear that the South had no intention of living up to the spirit of the FIfteenth amendment.
What was the SUpreme Court's justification for overturning the seperate-but equal doctrine?
Segregated schools stigmatize minority children and are inherently unqeual.
Which Article of the Constitution created the federal judiciary?
Article III
According to Artiele II which of the following must confirm all federal judges?
How many justices currently serve on the SUpreme Court?
In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court first claim the right of judicial review?
Marbury v. Madison
For a case to be hard in the Supreme Court, a minimum of how many justices must vote to hear the case?
Following oral arguments, the justices gather for a---, during which they discuss the case and cast preliminary votes.
Which type of case concerns the violation of the legal rights of one individual toward another?
Which of the following nominates U.S. federal judges?
Which of the following is the authority vested in a particular court to hear and decide the issues in a particular case?
What it he name given to the power of the courts to interpret, and overturn, the actions of the executive and legislative branches?
Judicial review.
Federal judges are appointed to --- terms.
Life tenure with good behavior.
Only an --- court can review the decisions of a lower court.
The ruling in which of the following cases struck down state-mandated segregation in public schools?
Brown v. Board of Education
Proponents of which of the following believe that judges should use their power broadly to further justice.
Judicial activism.
In which federal courts are trials conducted?
Courts provide a statement of the legal reasoning behind their decisions in written
Which of the following is within the original jurisdiction of the SUpreme COurt?
Controversies between the states.
In court rulings, realiance on past decisions to formulate decisions in new cases is known as which of the following?
Stare decisis.
Which of the following can modify a decision of the SUpreme COurt?
Constitutional amendment.
If a judge believes that she should only strike down laws that clearly violate the Constitution, she likely believes in which of the following?
Judicial restraint.
Civil liberties are --- that government cannot take away.
Personal freedoms.
The bill of rights is made up the first --- amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
Which clause prevents the national government from sanctioning an official religion?
Which rule bars the use of illegally seized evidence at trial?
Which U.S. Supreme COurt case found that a woman's right to have an abortion is protected by the implied constitutional right to privacy?
Roe v. Wade
Selective incorporation makes the protections from the Bill of RIghts applicable to the states through which of the following amendments?
Article I of the Constitution prohibits which of the following, which makes an act punishable as a crime even if the act was legal when it was committed?
Ex post facto laws.
A false written statement is ---; the same statement spoken aloud is----
libel, slander.
Which amendment protects the right to bear arms?
Today, the United States is the only western country to use which of the following to punish crime?
Death penalty.
According to Justice Blackmun, a woman had which type of right to an abortion in her first trimester?
An absolute right.
The doctrine of prior restraint prevents the government from prohibiting speech or publication---
Before the fact.
The surpreme court has ruled that states can limit abortions of the regulations do not pose which of the following?
An undue burden.
The Supreme Court briefly outlawed which of the following in the 1970's by asserting that if it was being imposed in an arbtritary manner?
Capital punishment.
What kind of speech is by its very utterance intended to inflict injury or incite an immediate breach of peace?
Fighting words.
In matters of religion, the free exercise clause protects individuals from which of the following?
Governmental intrusion.
The "right to remain silent" is a citizen's protection against which of the following?
Self incrimination.
If a police officer has a reasonable belief that someone is commiting or about to commit a crime, that officer can sto and frisk the suspect without
A warrent
In recent years, the Surpeme Court has struggled to address ---- on the Internet in a First Amentment context.
Which of the following is responsible for determining whether enough evidence exists to support a conviction against a criminal defendant?
Which of the following rights has the surpeme ocurt found to be one of the penumbra of unstated liberties linked to explicitly stated rights?
Right to privacy.
Which of these countries is not spanish speaking.
Which is a big supplier of oil.
The USA PATRIOT Act enhances the government's ability to do which?
Imprison citizens without trial.
The thirteenth amendment bans slavery. When was it passed?
Immediately after the civil war.
What did Jim Crow laws mandate?
Racial segregation.
What was the basis for the Supreme Court's decision in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) that upheld the constitutionality of a state law requiring segregated railroad facilities?
The constitution does not prohibit segregation, it only mandates equal protection under the law.
What were the Black Codes passed by many of the former Confederate states designed to do?
? Deny rights, such as voting and sitting on juries, to newly freed slaves.