15 terms

english vocab STUDY!!!

the ways a write shows what a character is like. The way a character acts,speaks,thinks,and look characterizes that person. It helps us truly understand the character.
a struggle or difference of opinion involving one or more characters. 6 may be between two or more characters,between a character and him/herself,or between a character and an external force such as nature or a machine.
the exact words that a character says;usually the conversation between characters.
the clues that hint or suggest what will happen later in the story.
language that emphasizess sensory impressions to help the reader see,hear,feel,smell,or taste the ideas or occurences that the write is referring to. Imagery is a tool for describing.
main character
the person or animal that the story is mostly about. It may also be a machine that has been given animate (living) characteristics.
the feeling or atmoshere that the write creates.
the reason behind a characters actions.
the person who tells the story. It may be a character in the story or an outsider looking through.
the point of view from which the story is told; the relationship of the narrator to the story
1st person point of view- the story is told by one of the characters. "I" is often used.
Limited 3rd person point of view
the narrator is outside the story but has insight into one characters thoughts.
series of events in a story. It is the outline of the events. it consists of five components.
exposition: the reader is exposed to characters and setting;rising action: the problems nad action begin to develop; climax: turning point; falling action: the problems begin to be resolved; resolution: the problems are resolved
the reason the author wrote the story
the time and place of story
the way in which the writer uses language, including choices and arrangement of words.
the main, or central, idea of a story