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Amanda's Christian Tradition Test

kind of literature that spoke of the ways God would break the world of sin and opression, the "unveiling", God's reign breaking into this world,
work that was done on the cross. Christ's work of reconciliation, meant to establish right relationship with God. Right alignement - God's atonement is meant to bring us into right alignment with God
Theories of Atonement
the christus victor, satisfaction theory, penal substituion theory, moral influence theory
Melito, the angel of death passed over the doors of the Israelites. Jewis celebration; celebration of liberation from the pwoers of this world and entrance into a new life. The first savign event for Israelites.
what makes it possible for us to live like him. To stand up, Ana stasis. We are raised to live as Jesus lived on this earth. If you do not believe it's possible to do this, then you do not believe int he resurrection
Homoousin to Patri
of the same essence as God
Homoousin Hemin
of the same essence as human beings
Jesus himself is the kingdom of God
Meciach, "annointed one"
Jesus as Prophet
Jesus life is as important to our salvation as his death. His death was the result of the live he lived. Salvation begins with Jesus' announcement of the Kingdom of God. comes to proclaim a new Kingdom. When Jesus confronts someone in the word of God, he makes a total claim on their life and of all other powers over us. No identity apart from what God has called us to be
Jesus as Priest
The cross. Jesus is not only the Priest who makes the sacrifice, but also is the offering. The cross is humanity's perfect offering of ourselves and vice versa
Gregory of Nazianzus
(d. 390), Ransom Theory
Peter Abelard
(d. 1142) Moral Influence Theory
(c. 373), homoousin (same substance)
(c. 390), Appollinarianism, School of Alexandria. Jesus had a fully human body, but fully divine spriit
(c. 336)
Anselm of Canterbury
(d. 1109). Satisfaction theory - God's honor has been offended etc.
Right teaching
unveiling, Apo-with, calypsis - hidden mystery, when relvelation happens, something about us is unveiled
Faith only comes when we are confronted by the revelation fo God through Jesus Christ. Revelation is a life of faith in which we understand ourselves in light of God. When revelation happens, something about us is revealed
God of new Testament is different from God of old
Salvation was accomplished by the deliver fo the sould from the material world. The material world and the body are evil. We are saved by way of a special knowledge of the realities of a world around us
Melito fo Sardis
(d. 170)
Karl Barth
(d. 1968)
The becoming of flesh in Jesus Christ
(d. 200 AD). Rule of Faith, Heresy
Rule of Faith
Irenaeus, Rule of interpretation of scripture by which the church dedicates itself to uphold the confession of the true God revealed in Jesus Christ
Teachings, All doctrines should be interpreted according to scripture
handling down on the tradition of the church. "to be sent", It was important to make sure the traditions werre handed down rightly. Role of tradition is to lead people to Christ
Who is Jesus Christ
comes from the Greek word for choice. choosing to believe in an alternate God
(451 AD). Schools - Antioch, Alexandria,. Asks the question of how you have union but distinction at the same time. Divine and human happen in one reality. If Jesus is going to save us then this is the wy it has to be
School of Alexandria
North Africa, wants to stress the divine nature of Jesus Christ. Did this in a way that detracted from his humanity. Apollinarious (390) - Jesus had a fully human body. but a fully divine soul. Apollinariarism.
Greece, wanted to stress Jesus' humanity, Nestorius (d. 451). The divine and human in Jesus are two distinct realities. They are not in union, but rather related to one another in perfect agreement. Nestorianusm.
stresses Jesus' divine nature
stresses Jesus' humanity
(c.390), School of Alexandria
came from Nestorianism, one nature, the divine and human were no longer distinct in Jesus, dissoves the 2 natures
God - bearer. Mother of God
wonk of christ, "to save", the study of salvation
salvation, becoming God-like, salvation is participation in God's life.