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yo quiero

I want

yo necesito

I need

yo puedo ayudar

I can help

yo no puedo

I can not

yo voy a + verbo

I am going to

yo no sé

I do not know

yo puedo darte

I can give you


to organize


to plan


to invite


to participate

no me gusta

I do not like

me gusta

I like

me gustaría

I would like

te gusta la banda?

do you like the band?

te gustaría

you would like

yo tengo que...

I have to...

yo tengo ganas de...

I feel like...

yo acabo de trabajar

I just finished working

yo podría

I could

me duele la cabeza

my head hurts

tú debes

you should

lo siento!

I'm sorry!

ay que pesado!

oh, how annoying!

estoy harto de limpiar!

I'm sick and tired of cleaning!

mil gracias!

a million thanks!

yo necesito asistir

I need to attend

tengo una cita con

I have an appointment/date with

me siento enfermo

I feel sick

tengo que irme

I have to leave


help me!


excuse me!



por qué?










qué pasa?

what's wrong?

qué haces?

what are you doing?

yo estoy limpiando

I am cleaning

Es muy barato!

It's very cheap!

qué tengo que traer?

what do I have to bring?

qué debo traer para la fiesta?

what should I bring to the party?


do you need...?


do you want...?

tienes qué...?

do you have to...?

tienes ganas de...?

do you feel like...?

quieres ayuda...?

do you want help...?

podrías ayudarme...?

could you help me...?

te gustaría...?

would you like...?

te gustaría ir...?

would you like to go...?

el concierto

the concert

la banda

the band

un boleto

a ticket

a qué hora empieza...?

at what time does ___ start?

a qué hora es...?

at what time is...?

Es a las cuatro de la tarde

It's at four o'clock in the afternoon

Son las cuatro de la tarde

It's four o'clock in the afternoon

necesito comprar

I need to buy

me gustaría un regalo

I would like a gift

tu ayuda

your help

yo quiero saber

I want to know

tengo una emergencia

I have an emergency

durante el día

during the day

voy a tener una reunión con

I am going to have a reunion

estoy ocupado

I am busy

tengo otros planes

I have other plans

a esa hora

at that time

qué tienes que hacer?

what do you have to do?



me encanta

I love

cuánto cuesta...?

how much does ___ cost?

estoy buscando

I am looking for

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