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watery environment in which the organelles "float around"


sites of cellular respiration and energy production

golgi body

synthesizes carbohydrates and packages secretions for the cell


the "brain" of the cell that controls the cell's functions; contains DNA/acts as information center for cell reproduction and other cell functions

nuclear membrane

controls what goes in and out of the nucleus

cell wall

rigid layer of a plant cell to provide protection and support


storage area for a cell (often holds food and water)

endoplasmic reticulum

"highway" in a cell to transport materials/provides channels through which transport of material occurs in cytoplasm


creates proteins for the cell


pigment (=color) containing organelle in plants that is used to produce energy

cell membrane

thin layer that controls what goes in and out of a cell


organelle that breaks down waste for the cell/center of cellular digestion


acts as a reservoir for RNA/central region in the nucleus


contains centrioles that are functional during reproduction of animal cells


contains the hereditary material (DNA), the agents for distribution of hereditary information. Humans have 23 pairs

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