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Apple Inc.: An example of a TNC


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Cupertino, northern California
Year the Company started business in
The Year Apple took over MacIntosh organisation
$ 234.6 billion
Global brand value in 2017 according to Statistica
Number of full time employees in 2017
Largest TNC in the world in 2016 on Fortune 500 list
% of sales in USA in 2011
Reasons for growth
Slick marketing and branding, innovative products that are market leaders, well designed brands, mobile devices, extra products such as applications, music and video
Cork, Ireland
Location of the European HQ of Apple
Data centres
Are found in Newark and Santa Clara in California, and on the eastern seaboard at Maidan, North Carolina
Number of retail stores worldwide across 22 countries, most are found in N.America, Europe and Asia
Foxconn, Shenzen
The location of production which has been outsourced
Special Enterprise Zone, an area where the Chinese government initially allowed western companies to operate in China in the 1980s. Shenzen was the first.
Why was Apple attracted to Ireland
12.5% corporation tax (2nd lowest in EU)
Child labour
Children and students used for low cost labour under the same working conditions as adults
Number of workers in Cork, Ireland
4000 (production line and call centre) 2500 (Indirectly)
Positives of Apple in Cork
Attracted more high tech companies and improvement on infrastructure
Corporate tax avoidance
Where companies use subsidiary firms in other countries to declare profits and pay a lower rate of tax, Apple has been accused of this
The year when was Apple investigated by the US senate and EU commission with both concluding that Irish Gov gave Apple favourable treatment
60 hours/week for $100/month
Shenzen factory workers hours and pay 2006
Number of workers poisoned in Shenzen by toxic chemicals: a major Health and safety concern in 2010
Number of suicides in Shenzen plants as a result of poor working conditions
Reliance on non
Renewable electricity and lack of recyclability of products-A criticism of Apple's environmental credentials from Greenpeace
Public health in China is threatened by
Factories in China discharging pollutants and toxic metals in local water supplies and use of toxic chemicals such as PVC and brominated flame retardants
'Green my Apple'
Response from Apple to Green Peace criticism via a campaign (uses 75% green energy, removed toxic chemicals from production and made products more recyclable)