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Sugar Act

An act passed in 1764 that enforced the collection of duties (taxes) on sugar/molasses.

Stamp Act

The act placed a duty (tax) on newspapers and other legal documents.


Colonists resisted British actions because they had no representations in this governing body.

Townshend Acts

A series of laws passed by Parliament in 1767 that established taxes on goods brought into the British colonies.

Quartering Act

A law passed by Parliament in 1765 that required the colonies to house, feed, and supply British soldiers.

Boston Tea Party

A malicious act by the colonists from Boston who were outraged over the Tea Act.

Writs of Assistance

A search warrant that allowed British officers to enter colonial homes or businesses to search for smuggled goods.

Boston Massacre

This event caused unrest throughout the colonies after five colonists were killed when British soldiers fired on a crowd of angry citizens.

Tea Act

This law gave a British East India Company the right to control all the trade in tea.

French and Indian War

A conflict from 1756-1763, between Britain and France for control of North America.

Shippers and Merchants

The stamp act had an effect on all citizens whereas the Sugar Act had the greatest impact on this group of people.


The act of bringing goods in from a foreign country that is for sale or trade.

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