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Apologia General Science (Sonlight) Module 10

Vocabulary from the Sonlight Instructors Guide
The study of life
Prokaryotic cell
A cell that has no distinct, membrand-bounded organelles
Eukaryotic cell
A cell with distinct, membrane-bounded organelles
Kingdom Monera
* Represent smallest organisms in Creation
* Composed of Prokaryotic cells
* Bacteria
An organism that causes disease
Dehydrated food
Food in which almost all of the water has been removed
Kingdom Protista
* Made of eukaryotic cells
* Some organisms make their own food through photosynthesis
* Split into protozoa and algae
* Algae have no specialized structure
Organisms that break down the dead remains of the other organisms
Kingdom Fungi
* fungus = singular
* Most organisms feed on dead organisms
* These organisms are decomposers
* Contains Mushrooms, shelf fungi, yeast, mold
Kingdom Plantae
* Plant Kingdom
* Plants have specific structures with specific
jobs (stem, root, leaves)
* Most plant cells are more square than animal cells
* Cells have a cell wall
Vegetative reproduction
The process by which one part of a plant can form new roots and develop into a complete plant
Turgor pressure
The pressure inside a plant cell that helps the plant stand upright
Kingdom Animalia
*Animal Kingdom
* Included insects, fish, birds, and animals as we know them.