Minorities in Germany (Trinity Exam)

In the weimar period in Germany, practising Jews formed what % of the population?
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Symbolic anti-Semitism 1) What did Hitler organise a boycott of? 2) How many Jewish books were burnt by Nazi students one month later organised by Goebbels.1) Jewish shops - Schacht persuaded him to moderate it to one day because believed it could kill Germany's economic recovery. 2) 25,000 booksLegal Exclusion 1) When did attempts to legally exclude the Jews begin? 2) What Laws in 1935 took this exclusion further? 3) Why did the citizenship law introduced under these laws have little effect on Jews?1) 1933 2) The Nuremberg Laws - no longer a citizen if you had four or more non-Aryan grandparents - illegal for Aryans to marry or have sex with non-Aryans 3) Nazis had suspended civil rights in 1933 and democracy was gone so Jews lost very little.Economic Exclusion 1) In what year did Hitler authorise nationwide mass violence against the Jews and what was this called? 2) How many people died 3) How many synagogues were destroyed?1) - In 1938 called Kristallnacht = turning point in Nazi foreign policy 2) 200 died 3) 1,000Timeline for Nazi persecution during WW2 1) 1939? 2) 1940? 3) 1941? 4) 1942? 5) 1943-44?1) - September - invasion of Poland - ghettos for Polish Jews established - October - German Jews placed under curfew 2) The Madagascar plan drawn up - plan to move 4 million Jews to live in Madagascar = impractical so eventually abandoned. 3) - All Jews forced to wear Star of David - June - following the invasion of the Soviet Union, Einsatzgruppen (SS death squads) and their local supporters carried out systematic massacres of Jews. 4) - January - The Wannsee Conference - agreed to the 'Final Solution' - Spring - death camps established at Auschwitz, Sobibor and Treblinka. 5) Transportation of Jews from all over Europe to death camps.How many Jews did the Nazis murder during WW2 out of a population of what in Europe?6 million Jews out of 11 millionHow many Polish Jews survived out of a population of what?3,000 Polish Jews survived out of a population of 3 millionHow were the 500 'Rhineland bastards' death with who were in their teens by the mid-1930s?policy of forced sterilisation enforced by the Gestapo.How many Gypsies were murdered and died in Auschwitz alone?21,0001) What was the 'euthanasia' programme against disabled children / degenerate Aryans called? 2) By 1941, how many people had been killed by poison gas alone?1) action T4 2) 80,000 people