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MGMT test 3

Manuela Vinson
The two kinds of cooperative contracts are licensing and franchising. (T/F)
Deciding where to "go global" is just as important as deciding how your company will go global. (T/F)
Companies are making greater use of teams because teams have been shown to increase (1) customer satisfaction, (2) product and service quality, (3) speed and efficiency in product development, and (4) employee job satisfaction. (T/F)
Autonomy is the degree to which workers have the discretion, freedom, and independence to decide how and when to accomplish their jobs. (T/F)
Cross-functional teams are purposefully composed of employees from different functional areas of the organization. (T/F)
Cognitive conflict is strongly associated with improvements in team performance, and affective conflict is strongly associated with decreases in team performance. (T/F)
Conflicts and disagreements often characterize the second stage of team development, which is called storming. (T/F)
To enhance work team effectiveness, managers should carefully set team goals and priorities and take care when selecting, training, and compensating team members. (T/F)
Training provides opportunities for employees to develop the job-specific skills, experience, and knowledge they need to do their jobs or improve their performance. (T/F)
Wrongful discharge is a legal doctrine that requires a manager to have the approval of the human resource manager to terminate employees. (T/F)
Global Business is defined as ___.
the buying and selling of goods and services to people from different countries.
The Japanese government has proclaimed that its snow is different from that found in any other region of the world. As a result, all snow skis marketed in Japan must be manufactured in Japan. This is an example of a(n) ____.
nontariff barrier
A ____ is a nontax method of increasing the cost or reducing the volume of imported goods
Nontariff barrier
Russia imposed limits on how much poultry, beef, and pork could be imported into the nation from the European Union (EU) in retaliation to limits the EU placed on how much grain Russia could export. What type of nontariff barrier did Russia use to control the amount of poultry, beef, and port it imported from the EU?
The signing of the ____ created a regional trading zone in Europe.
Maastricht Treaty
The ____ is a regional trade agreement that liberalizes trade between countries more than any other such agreement.
North American Free Trade Agreement
In a multinational firm, managers at company headquarters typically prefer an emphasis on ____ because it simplifies decisions.
Global consistency
Fran Wilson Creative Cosmetics is a medium-sized U.S. company that sells 1.5 million tubes of its lipstick annually in Japan. It has no physical presence within the country beyond the fact its products are sold there. Fran Wilson Creative Cosmetics uses ____ to reach the Japanese market.
Starbucks is a chain that is rapidly expanding its global operation. As it expanded into South America, its research showed that Chileans on average drink only 150 cups of coffee annually, and people in Argentina only drink about half that amount. An average citizen of the United States drinks 345 cups annually. These differences in annual coffee consumption most likely reflect ____.
Cultural Differences
Uganda is one of only two countries in the world that produce a mineral required in the manufacturing of cellular phones. Several mining companies recently moved their operations out of the region due to a bloody civil war resulting from a change in rulers. This is an example of how ____ can influence global business.
political uncertainty
The Green Giant consumer products company learned that it could not use their Jolly Green Giant character in parts of Asia where a green hat worn by a man signifies that he has an unfaithful wife. This is an example of a(n) ____ that influenced global marketing.
Cultural difference.
The ____ strategy of minimizing or adapting to the political risk inherent to global business makes use of joint ventures and collaborative contracts.
Which of the following statements describe an advantage teams have over individuals in the decision-making process?
Teams are able to view problems from multiple perspectives.
Which of the following types of teams has the authority to change their composition as well as all of their tasks and work methods?
Self-designing teams
Which of the following is a useful guideline for successful management of virtual teams?
Keep team interaction up beat and action-oriented.
Which of the following kinds of team is defined as a permanent part of the organization's structure?
None of these.
____ are informally agreed-on standards that regulate team behavior.
Which of the following team sizes usually provides the best performance?
6 to 9
Effective Conflict
is strongly associated with improvements in team performance
Group cohesion tends to be relatively strong at the ____ stage of team development.
The achievement of stretch goals is made easier when the team members have ____.
bureaucratic immunity
____ is the ability to change organizational structures, policies, and practices if it helps teams meet their stretch goals.
Structural acccommodation
Which of the following is NOT necessary for stretch goals to effectively motivate teams?
Conflict management training.
E-Lab (the "E" stands for experience) has project teams perform field research for its clients. These project teams are composed of students of theology, actors, and musicians as well as the more traditional marketing experts and statisticians. E-Lab teams benefit from ____.
Team diversity
____ is the process of finding, developing, and keeping the right people for the company.
Human resource management
Which of the following statements about federal employment law is true?
The intent of anti-discrimination law is to make factors such as gender, race, or age irrelevant in employment decisions.
____ is unintentional discrimination in which there is a substantially different rate of selection in hiring, promotion, or other employment decisions that works to the disadvantage of members of a particular race, sex, age, ethnicity, or protected group.
Adverse impact
From a legal perspective, there are two kinds of sexual harassment. They are ____.
quid pro quo and hostile work environment
Bona fide occupational qualifications would be most likely included in a(n) ____.
job specification
The United Kingdom issued a new recruitment publication for the nation's Fire Service. The publication lists all of the qualifications needed to become a fire fighter. This recruitment pamphlet is actually a(n)
job specification
Which of the following is an internal recruiting method?
job posting
Which of the following statements about résumés and job application forms is true?
Employee-related laws apply to job application forms and résumés.
The ____ interview uses only standardized, job-related interview questions that are prepared ahead of time and asked of all candidates
an ESOP is an ___
employee stock ownership plan
Which of the following statements regarding downsizing is true?
When downsizing, outplacement programs can help the company maintain a positive image in the community.
Which of the following provides employment counseling services for employees faced with downsizing?
outplacement services