Which of the following terms is the most accurate in describing health care in the United States?
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Which of the following is the primary desire of consumers as stakeholders in the U.S. health care system?Access to affordable and quality healthcareWhy do many doctors refuse to see patients with medicaid?Low payment ratesThe WHO defines health health as which of the following?A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-beingin 2011, the per capita health care spending in the U.S was which of the following approximately?8,500Which of the following sources of health care funding has decreased significantly from its level in 1970 to its level in 2012?Out of pocketWhich of the following was the obesity rate of the United States in 2010?35.9%According to the University of Wisconsin Population Health institute, what percentage of ultimate health outcomes are determined primarily by personal health behaviors?30%Given the focus of the ACA, there is a concern that there may be a shortage of which of the following health professions to meet the changing health care needs of the U.S. populationPrimary care physiciansAccording to the institute of Medicine's research, at least how many americans die in U.S. hospitals each year due to medical errors?44,000Typically, consumers with health insurance are mostly to be concerned with which of the following when choosing a health care provider?Copay amountBeginning in 2013, the centers for medicare and medicaid services began to release certain medicare provider charge data for public viewing. The purpose of this action is primarily to increase which of the following in the U.S. healthcare system ?TransparencyWhich of the following best describes Americans' attitude towards the ACA at the time the deferal exchange were rolled out October 2013)?DividedWhich U.S. federal organization is specifically responsible for reporting on progress made toward improved health care quality and opportunities for on going improvement?Agency for healthcare research and qualityThe U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the healthcare workforce could expand more than what percent by 202030%In the 19th century, most Americans received health care in what setting?HomesWhich U.S. president was instrumental in establishing Medicare and Medicaid as part of his vision for a "Great Society"?Lyndon B. JohnsonWhich federal program is a collection of 50 state administered programs, each providing health insurance to low-income state residents, but with differing eligibility rules, benefits, and payment schedulesMedicaidWhich federal health program was enacted with bipartisan support due to the fact that is provides health insurance for children, who are considered a deserving group?CHIPDuring the early 2000s, the number of Americans without health insurance grew to about what percentage of the nation's population?15%Advocates for pediatricians and children are most likely to be key players in which policy subsystem?medicaidWhich of the following is the policy entrepreneur who successfully expanded the Medicaid program in the 1980s?Henry WaxmanWhich entity has taken primary responsibility for the care of the mentally ill over the past century in the U.S.?State governmentsPublic hospitals and health clinics in the U.S. are primarily owned and operated by which of the following?Local governmentsWhich institutions focus on providing care to the most vulnerable groups within a community, including the uninsured, the underinsured, the homeless, the disabled, documented and undocumented immigrants, high-risk mothers and infants, and those with limited proficiency in speaking and reading english?Public hospitalThe ACA was designed to provide insurance coverage for how many people in the U.S. who were uninsured at the time of its passing?32 millionA supreme court decision in 2012 accomplished which of the following related to the ACA?Rendered state participation in the medicaid expansion voluntaryUnilateral presidential action and the granting of waivers related to the ACA is known as which of the following?Executive federalismWhen compared with other nations in terms of health care, the U.S. may be characterized as having which of the following?High expenses with large inequities in access to primary and speciality care.Most countries with national health insurance systems finance these systems with which of the following?Payroll taxesIn 2011, what percentage of 11the GDP did the U.S spend on healthcare?17.7%which criteria for payment of health care typically results in wealthier, younger, and healthier individuals pays disproportionately to finance the care of poorer, and sicker individuals?Ability- to pay criteria.In the united kingdom, most general practitioners and dentists receive payment in which of the following?Fee-for-Service.Which of the following countries has the most practicing doctors per 1,000 population?FranceWhich health care system model is characterized by a dominant share of financing derived from generalbeveridge ridingWhat percentage of physcians in the U.S. are specialists70%Which country is currently concerened that is may have an over supply of doctors and nursesUnited KingdomWhich nation's health care system most closely follows the beveridge model?United KingdomAmong health care program in the U.S. which is the best example of socialized medicine?Veterans hospital administrationMedicaid and CHIP eligibility criteria are based primarily on which of the following?IncomeAn individual's income would be classified as which type of determinant of health?Social and Economic environmentThe fact that an individual smokes would be classified as which type of determinants of health?Health-Related behaviorA nurse is working with a patient who is a compulsive over eater?Reverse casualityWhich model homes in on individuals and focuses on the factors that are most immediately linked to the pathophysiology of a person's disease?Medical modelWhich of the following words best describes the current health care system in the U.S.ReactiveA correlation in which there is a steady, predictable change in a an outcome that corresponds to a steady change in a factor in which of the following?GradientWhich of the following was the conclusion researchers related in the Whitehall study of British civil servants, conducted by Marmot and others?Higher rank correlates directly with lower mortalityAbout what percentage of the overall U.S. expenditure on health care is spent on efforts to prevent illness, as opposed to direct medical care?5%According to the 2010 county health rankings model, what percentage of the overall impact a health outcome did health behaviors constitute.30%According to the 2010 county Health Rankings Model, which category of health determinants had the greatest impact on health outcomes?Social and economic factorsImagine that you have been placed on a county committee in your home state to make decisions on how to most effectively invest in changes that will improve overall health of the residents of the country. Which of the following would likely be the most effective measure, based on the 2010 county health rankings model?Beginning cessation program.According to trust for america's health an investment of 10% per person year in proven community-based programs to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and prevent smoking and other tobacco use could save the country more than 16 billion annually; this would produce what return for every 1$ invested?3.20Which of the following is a public health, rather than a healthcare, intervention?Teaching a free seminar at a community health clinic on heart-healthy cookingWhich of the following measures can only gov't effectively implement?Prevention of the spread of HIVA program that seeks to educate children and their parents to the importance of wearing helmets while bicycling in an example of the following?Primary PreventionA water aerobics class specifically designed for the clients with osteoarthritis, to help restore them to their highest level of functioning and minimize negative impacts of this disease, is an example of which of the following?Tertiary preventionWhich of the following term is defined as "the combination of educational and environmental supports for actions and conditions of living conductive to health?Health promotionA county health inspector visits a restaurant and files a report on her findings this an example of which core function of public health?AssuranceWhich of the following represents the first step in the circle of public health activities?Define the problemThe 10th amendment the U.S. constitution gives which entity or entities the primary responsibility for public health?The StatesAlthough the states have constitutional authority to implement public health, federal laws pertaining of public health can supersede states laws. this is known as which of the following?PreemptionWhich of the following is an example of a public health intervention that violated the rights of those who participated in it?Tuskegee sylphilisWhich of the following causes more preventable deaths and diseases than any other behavioral risk factor?Tobacco UseWhich of the following is the single most important modifiable cause of poor pregnancy outcomes?SmokingWhich of the following would be classified as harmful or risky drinking, in terms o number of alcoholic drinks consumed?A woman who drinks two drinks per dayBinge drinking for men is defined as having at least how many drinks on a single occasion?5In 2011 what percentage of adults engaged in at least 75 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise, a proportion that meets Healthy People 2020 guidelines for recommended physical activity among adults?48%Approximately what percentage of American adults are either overweight of obese?70%Which learning theory emphasizes interactions between internal and external environmental influences on behavior and is the dominant model for effective cognitive-behavioral health behavior change interventions?An older hispanic woman has diabetes mellitus and lacks health insurance. which factor is an example of a need?Diabetes mellitusWhich of the following is the best example of a social health need?HomelessnessAccording to the 2010 National Health interview survey, approximately what percentage of U.S. adults had two to three concurrent chronic conditions20%Based on poverty statistics, which of the following is the greatest risk of being in poverty?10-year-old- African boyin2030, when the entire baby boom generation will have turned 65, seniors will make up approximately what proportion of the population?One FourthWhich of the following are the core providers to America's sickest, poorest, and most vulnerable populations?Public hospitalsA neighbor of yours is pregnant and struggles financially to afford healthy food. Which of the following social service programs would be most appropriate to refer to?Women, Infants, and ChildrenYour mother complains because she has to drive " all over town" to various doctors and specialists to manage her health, which requires that she take several days off from work instead of just one. This barrier to her health care is known as which of the following?FragmentationBefore discharging a patient from the hospital, a nurse provides detailed instructions to the patient on how to change a wound dressing himself at home. The nurse demonstrates the task and has the patient practice it before discharge? Which delivery strategy is the nurse primarily using here?Patient engagementEven with the ACA in place, approximately how many people currently residing in the U.S. are expected to remain without health insurance?24 millionWhich of the following is an area of special focus in the ACA?PreventionYour friend recently took her 6-month old child to the local department of health to receive routine vaccinations. This is an example of which type of prevention? PrimaryPrimaryYour uncle just turned 50 and is complaining about having to begin routine colonoscopies. This is an example of which type of prevention ?SecondaryDuring surgery, a surgeon accidently nicks a minor artery in the patient's brain, and the patient begins to hemmorrhage. The surgeon remains clam, however, and explains to his team that as long as they can repair the vessel in the next 5 to 10 minutes, everything be fine. This type of care may be classified as which of the following triage levels, byEmergentWhich of the following laws requires that all patients who present themselves for treatment at a hospital must be screened and evaluated, provided necessary stabilizing treatment admitted when necessary, regardless of the ability to pay?Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor ActYou drive your roommate to a nearby urgent care clinic to have her sore throat examined. The nurse practitioner performs a strep test, finds that it is positive, and prescribes your roommate an antibiotic. This is an example of which type of acute care?PrimaryFollowing a skiiing accident, in which you sufered a compound fracture in your leg, you must undergo physical therapy sessions twice a week to help recoverRehabilitativeYour grandmother dying of ovarian cancer. She has decided to stop all chemothrapy and radiation therapy and is now just receiving morphine to manage her pain. This type of care is known as which of the following?PalliativeYour grandfather, who is recovering from a stroke, must recieve intensive occupational therapy to help him relearn how to feed himself and brush his teeth. Which type of hospital would be best for his needs?RehabilitationWhich type of physician practice is the most common in the United StatesSingle-specialty groupYour great-aunt is selling the house she's lived in the for 40 years and moving to a long-term care facility. She is basically able take care for herself but needs help help with performing some activities of dailing living. Which of the following facilities would be best for her?Assisted living facilityYour grandfather has alzheimer's disease and now requires 24+ hour nursing care. Which of the following facilities would be best for him?Skilled nursing facilityWhat is the greatest loss for the doctors?Patients' DeathWhat can patients do collaborate more effectively with their doctors?Set reasonable expectations for your doctorPatient-centered care means that the patient's agenda is listened to heard, and satisfied.TrueWhat is one of the "job descriptions" for doctors?Caring professionalWhat can patients do to collaborate more effectively with the doctors?Encourage doctors to learn the "languages" with patients.How do patients' and doctors' perspective differ?They are motivated by different incentives.Which is not part of the "iron triangle"?QuantityWhich of these does universal coverage require?Both A and BWhich of the following is not a key stakeholder?All of the above are key stakeholdersWhich of the following is an attribute of effective interdisciplinary collaboration?All of the aboveThe health care expenditure as a share of GDP in the U.S. 11.6%FalseWhich one is NOT the importance of communication in healthcare?Common goals and visionWhat is an example of tertiary prevention?Treating heart attack to save the the heart muscleWhat is required in order to encourage conflict resolution without detouring group cohesiveness?All of the aboveExpertise and competence among team members is essential to develop trust and respect?TrueWhich is a barrier to Interprofessiona Collaboration?BehaviorWhich of the following are Key principles of interprofessional collaboration?All of the above