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Vocabulary from the Sonlight IG


Blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart


Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart


Tiny, thin-walled blood vessels that allow the exchange of gasses and nutrients between the blood and cells and are located between arteries and veins

Red Blood Cells

Transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues


A protein in the blood that gives blood its red color

White Blood cells

Responsible for protecting the body from agents of disease in the bloodstream

Bronchial tubes

Tubes in the lungs that carry air


At the end of the bronchial tubes


Little sacs at the end of bronchioles where most of the "action" takes place


Often called the "voice box". Contains the vocal chords.


Tube in a plant that transports water up from the roots to the rest of the parts of the plant


Tubes in a plant that are responsible for carrying food from the leaves to the rest of the plant

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