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What did Progressives believe in regarding government involvement in America?
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Manhattan Project:code name for the project to build the first atomic bomb during WWII -led by J. Robert Openheimer -costs 2 million dollarsWhy did President Truman decide to use the atomic bomb on Japan? 3 reasons1. End the war faster 2. Save American lives 3. Japan was not going to surrenderWhat was the Cold War? Who was it between?the bitter state of indirect conflict (economic or diplomatic) that existed between the US and the Soviet Union for over 40 years after WWII "War of Words"NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization Military alliance between the US and Western Europe formed to counter soviet expansionContainmentstop the spread of communism by the SovietsWarsaw Pact12 original members believed an attack on one was an attack on them all A mutual defense alliance between the Soviet's & Sat elite countries....... -Poland, E. Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania (Eastern Block Communist Countries)What was the outcome of the Korean War?cease fire & Korea remains dividedIdentify the Marshall Plan and why it was significant.Give money to European nations to rebuild so they can resist communismWho were the Rosenbergs and what was their connection to the Red Scare?The New York couple accused of being spies and giving atomic secrets to the Soviets and are executed Leads to communist hysteria in the USWho was Joseph McCarthy? What is he famous for?-Senator from Wisconsin that claims he has a list of communists -destroying somebody's reputation, calling them a spy or communist without proofWhat is meant by mutually assured destruction? How does it make the world safer?Both sides have weapons/power to destroy the other but they do not Makes the world safer because neither side uses it because they are afraid of it so they will not go to warHow did the Cold War influence the Space Race- what did it motivate the US to finally do in 1969?Speeds up the space race & in 1969 it motivates the US to get a man on the moonIdentify the effects of suburbinization and car culture.They create towns outside of cities and have restaurants and movie theaters (entertainment) so people are more willing to move outside of a large city because there is more to do and the houses are cheaperWhy was BROWN V. BOARD OF EDUCATION TOPEKA such a landmark Supreme Court decision?accommodations that are separate but equal are unconstitutionalHow did Eisenhower uphold the Brown v. BOE decision?sends in the National Guard to escort the 9 students to schoolIf you had two words to describe the different philosophies of MLK Jr. and Malcolm X, what would they be?Malcom X- violent & aggressive MLK- peaceful & nonviolent resistanceMontgomery Bus Boycotta political and social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, Alabama. to protest Rosa Parks arrestLittle Rock Nine9 students go to an all white school escorted by the national guardMarch on WashingtonMLK delivers "I have DREAM" 200,000 people rally in Washington for civil rightsFreedom RidesPeople who ride the bus to protest segregation of transportationFreedom SummerTrying to get African Americans to vote in MississippiCivil Rights Act of 1964ended segregation in public places & jobs and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origiVoting Rights Act of 1965Bands literacy tests and poll taxes Have to let African Americans voteHow did the media impact the Civil Rights Movement?Broadcasts the violent parts and the good of the protestsWhy did the civil rights movement get more radical?MLK died The rise of the KKK in the South promoting violenceWhy do many believe JFK won the election of 1960?because he was a good speaker and was a lot more professional than NixonHow did the Bay of Pigs impact JFK's administration?they did not trust Kennedy and Cuban American & Cuba does not trust Kennedy eitherHow did the Cuban Missile Crisis end?Soviet's backed down and took their missiles out of Cuba and the US takes out missiles out of TurkeyWhy was the Berlin Wall built?to keep the East Berlin people in their own areaWhat was LBJ's Great Society? Who did it help? How?Antipoverty, healthcare, education, environment, discrimination helping the people in need (created medicare and Medicaid)Why did the US get involved in the Vietnam War?containment- trying to stop the spread of communismDomino TheoryEisenhower's theory that if Vietnam fell to communism then the rest of Southeast Asia would followGuerrilla Warfarehit and run ambush tactics used by VietminhHo Chi Minhcommunist leader of North Vietnam Created the VietcongWhat is meant by the phrase "living room war"?People could watch the war day to day in Vietnam because it was televisedCounterculturehippy movement, free spirits, going against the main streamWhy did so many students join protest movements in the late 1960's- early 1970's?protesting the draftWhat was Nixon's plan to end the war in Vietnam? Why didn't make people angry?Vietnamization- withdrawing US troops and having South Vietnam take over Withdraw was too slow so people got madDefine detenteNixon's policy to ease tensions because soviets, the US and ChinaPing pong diplomacy help Nixon form ties with which country?ChinaWhat was the result of the Watergate scandal and Nixon's resignation?People do not trust the governmentWhat critical problem impacted both the Ford and Carter administration?the energy crisisWhat kind of personality characteristics illustrate Jimmy Carter as a man?Honest, genuine, hardworkingWhat was Jimmy Carter's greatest foreign-policy achievement as president?Camp David Accords- peace agreement between Egypt and IsraelWhat event hurt President Carter in a very personal way the most?Iranian hostage crisisWhat did the court case Roe v. Wade decide?the right to have an abortion if you want oneDifferences between conservatives and liberals: which group believes that private industry and charity should help those in need rather than government?conservativesReaganomicsalso known as trickle-down economics the little wealth would "trickle-down" to the middle class or poor Americans supply side economicsWho was Mikhail Gorbachev?President of the Soviet UnionDefine glasnostOpenness, policy in the Soviet Union calling for open discussion of national problemsPerestroikaSoviet policy for restructuring a stagnant Soviet economyWhy did some historians believe Reagan help to and the cold war?military spending hastens the collapse of the Soviet economy because they are spending money trying to keep up with the USWhy was the Iran-Contra scandal so embarrassing to the Reagan administration?negotiating with terrorists by selling arms to Iran to get the prisoners releasedWhy was it difficult for the Clinton Administration to pass the Health Care Reform Plan?Congress doesn't not want to reform health care because it is controlled by Republicans and they did not want to fund a public healthcare systemWhy was Clinton impeached(although he was not removed from office)?because he lies about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky because of purgery (lying of oath) and obstruction of JusticeWhat did Saddam Hussein do in 1992 anger other nations and provoke US military action?invades KuwaitHis election of 2000 victory over Al gore why did George W. Bush win?The supreme court orders a recount in Florida giving him a victoryWhy did the US go to war in Afghanistan in 2001?Osama Bin Laden was hiding & Afghanistan let Al-Qaeda run training camps in their countrySince the end of World War II the US has emerged as a major world power and has chosen to use its power in various situations across the globe. Provide 2 historical examples and explain why we became involved and how the US deal with the situation.Vietnam- trying to stop the spread of communism Not successful because the war ends in a stalemate Korean War- trying to stop communism China & Soviets are helping North Korea Stop the spread of communism to South Korea but North Korea stays the same (communist)Explain an example of a president domestic policy and how it attempted to improve the lives of American citizens. Be sure to provide at least two items from the policy and explain how it helped Americans citizensThe New Deal- social security- created by FDR point of social security- to aid the elderly who cannot work Medicare & Medicaid - healthy insure for the elderly and the poorThroughout American history the federal government has both protected and did not American civil rights for various reasons. Discuss a time in the government has protected these rights as well as the time and they violated these rights.Protected: Civil Rights Act of 1957 Point: to make sure everything had equal treatment under the law Violated: Patriot's Act Point: spying and listening to people's conversations to try to prevent terrorismPolitical scandals and government corruption have led to a growing distrust among American citizens in relation to the US government. Address two examples or incidents of scandal or corruption by explaining the details of the event and how the American public reacted.Watergate Scandal- Nixon involved- What is it: spying on democrats and recording people's conversations Reaction: surprised & do not trust the government afterwards because they see Nixon abusing his power Clinton: getting caught with purgery and lying under oath Kennedy: The Bay of Pigs What it is: send Cuban exiles to take out Castro Not successful Reaction: People do not trust Kennedy & strengthens Castro's power in Cuba