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Urban policy and regeneration in Britain since 1979.


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Urban Policy
The strategies chosen by local or central government to manage the development of urban areas and to reduce urban problems
Urban regeneration
The redevelopment of formerly run-down urban areas, often in the inner city through improvements to the environment, housing and employment opportunities
Inner city
Also known as the twilight zone. It is typically found next to the CBD and has mainly terraced houses in a grid like pattern. These were originally built to house factory workers who worked in the inner city factories. Many of these factories have now closed down.
Unemployment and other socioeconomic problems
Have led to periods of unrest in many inner city areas in the UK
The restoration of run-down urban areas by the middle class (resulting in the displacement of lower-income people)
Property-led regeneration schemes
An approach to regeneration that involved the improvement or reconstruction of industrial and residential property
1979 to 1991
Period of time when property led schemes involving private sector investment were used to regenerate inner city areas
1991 to 97
Partnership schemes between local governments, voluntary sectors, communities and private sector investment used to improve run down areas. E.g. Grainger Town regeneration
Partnership schemes
Local councils working with businesses and local communities to come up with a regeneration plan for an area
Private sector
The part of the economy that involves the transactions of individuals and businesses. Can invest in regeneration schemes
Where groups of people are effectively forced out of an area during regeneration
Enterprise Zones
Specific geographic areas to which governments try to attract private business investment by offering lower taxes and other government support
Urban Development Corporations which were set up in the 1980's and 1990's using public funding to buy land and improve inner areas of cities, partly by attracting private investment
Date of New deal for communities, 10 year strategic programs to transform deprived communities and the lives of the people in them.
1997 to 2000
Area based initiatives focussing on Local Authorities bidding for money to narrow the gap in social and economic indicators for the most deprived communities in the UK
New Deal for Communities (NDC)
A regeneration programme led by the government of the United Kingdom for some of the England's most deprived neighbourhoods.
Brownfield site
Disused and derelict land in an urban area that is available for redevelopment.
Green field site
Area of land that has not previously been built on
Housing Policy
Government ideas and plans that become law with regards to the quality and quantity of housing
Ethnic Minority Groups
Minority groups identified primarily by cultural characteristics, such as language or religion