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Murder on the Orient Express Part 1


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Name the Character: Wagon Lit Conductor who is an employee of the Orient Express
Pierre Michel
Name the Character: He is traveling with Ratchett and is Ratchett's secretary
Hector MacQueen
Name the Character: Ratchett's valet
Edward Masterman
Name the Character: American passenger traveling to France; talkative.
Mrs. Caroline Martha Hubbard
Name the Character: passenger traveling to see her sister
Greta Ohlsson
Name the Character: traveling home to Paris from Constantinople with her maid
Princess Dragomiroff
Name the Character: passengers who gave no reason for their travel
Count and Countess Adrenyi
Name the Character: passenger returning from Baghdad to London
Colonel Arbuthnot
Name the Character: passenger working undercover as security detail for Mr. Ratchett
Mr. Cyrus Bethman Hardman
Name the Character: passenger going to Milan; traveling autosalesman
Antonio Foscarelli
Name the Character: passenger returning to London from Syria; governess
Miss Mary Hermione Debenham
Name the Character: passenger traveling with Princess Dragomiroff
Hildegarde Schmidt
Where does Monsieur Poirot board the train?
Aleppo, Syria
Judging from Christie's description, what season is it?
How many other passengers are on the train?
Of the four characters introduced in Chapter 1, which three will be most important to the story?
M. Poirot, Colonel Arbuthnot, and Ms. Debenham
How does Poirot view the other two passengers?
Debenham- efficient, a woman who could take care of herself with perfect ease; Colonel- quiet, reserved, critical of anyone who isn't British, and susceptible to romance
Where is Poirot scheduled to depart the train?
Why isn't Mary exiting there too?
Spent 3 days there before & catch her next train
What two things has Poirot already learned in Chapter 1 about Mary's occupation and her demeanor simply by eavesdropping?
Governess in Baghdad; appears confident; nervous about something she is facing
What item that Poirot receives from the concierge at the hotel surprises the Belgian?
Receives telegram telling him to return to London
As Poirot is heading to the dining room at the Hotel Tokatlian, whom does he encounter?
M. Bouc
How does Poirot describe the older American man in the dining room at the hotel?
Bland appearance and aspect of a philanthropist and a benevolent personality; a personality of a wild animal and savagery
What is unusual about the Stamboul-Calais sleeping car for this season of the year?
Usually not a lot of people, but now it is full with no room
What berth is Poirot assigned to? Who is his roommate?
No. 7 and his roommate is MacQueen
After Bouc and Mr. Ratchett's traveling companion leave the dining car, which passenger approaches Poirot?
What is Ratchett's purpose for approaching Poirot?
To find out who made threats on his life
Why does Poirot decline Ratchett's offer?
His case did not interest Poirot; he did not like Ratchett's face
What does Poirot learn when he re-boards at Belgrade from the platform?
No. 1; M.Bouc has been moved to a new sleeping car
What awakens Poirot in the middle of the night?
A loud groan, almost a cry; following this he heard a bell ring
Why does Poirot think the train is not moving?
He thinks it's at a station
When Poirot goes to the door of his compartment, what does he hear from Ratchett's room?
The conductor knocked on Ratchett's door & Ratchett answered in French
Though Poirot tries to go back to sleep, he cannot. What does he hear from next door, Ratchett's room?
Ratchett moving about, a click, a running tap, splashing noise, another click, and footsteps
Who rings for the porter when Poirot remembers he did not request his mineral water?
Mrs. Hubbard
When the porter comes to Poirot's compartment, what is the porter's complaint against Mrs. Hubbard?
She keeps saying there is a man in her compartment
What else does the porter explain to Poirotth?
That they have run into a snowdrift
Just as Poirot is about to drift off to sleep again, he is awakened by a thud against his door. What does he see as he looks out his door?
A woman in a scarlet kimono running down the corridor away from him
M. Bouc summons Poirot for what reason?
Someone has been murdered and he wants him to take the case
What is MacQueen's reaction when Poirot informs the valet that his boss has been killed?
He whistled lowly and said they got him after all
Why is MacQueen convinced it was murder and not just a death since he is not told how his employer died?
b/c of the threatening letters he received
How many times has Ratchett's body been stabbed?
What item is not found in the room?
Murder weapon- knife
As the door was locked and chained, how does one assume the killer left the compartment after committing the crime?
Through the open window
Why doesn't the idea that the killer exited through the window make sense since the train has been stopped by a snowdrift?
There are no footprints in the snow
What hand would have been the dominant hand of the killer based on the wounds?
It's unclear, some wounds were made by a lefty and some by a righty
What does Poirot discover about the true identity of Ratchett?
His real name is Cassetti and he was involved in the Daisy Armstrong case (the kidnapping and murder of a child.)
How long has Pierre Michel worked for Wagon Lits de Internationale?
15 plus years
When did Pierre Michel make up Mr. Ratchett's cabin for bed?
When Ratchett was at dinner
Complete the timeline of Pierre Michel's service to the passengers. Approx. 12:40 am, 12:45, 1:15, 1:20, Approx. 1:50-2:00
Ratchett's bell rings, French response; another bell; Mrs. Hubbard's bell; Poirot's bell and he brings him mineral water; makes up MacQueen's bed
What does MacQueen say when Poirot tells him that Ratchett was Cassetti?
Damned skunk (Polecat)
MacQueen explains why his reaction is so strong. What is it?
His father was the District Attorney for Cassetti's case (prosecuted him)
What alibi does MacQueen have during the time of the murder?
Talking to Colonel Arbuthnot
When did the valet last see Mr. Ratchett?
9:00 pm
What did Masterman prepare for Mr. Ratchett prior to bedtime and leave on a small table?
Sleeping draught
How did Masterman describe the Armstrong kidnapping case?
Shocking affair
Why didn't Masterman sleep?
How long has Masterman worked for Ratchett?
9 months
How does Mrs. Hubbard's demeanor compare to the others so far interviewed?
Eager, excited, and thinks murderer was in her room
Though she claims there was a man in her compartment last night, why can she not describe him?
It was dark and her eyes were shut tight
What piece of physical evidence does Mrs. Hubbard give to Poirot?
Button that matches the conductor's uniform
What color is Mrs. Hubbard's dressing gown?
Pink flannel and purple silk
Who does Mrs. Hubbard claim to have overheard talking in Mr. Ratchett's compartment?
An unknown woman
Does the handkerchief with the H belong to her?
What is Greta Ohlsson's occupation?
When did Greta see Mr. Ratchett alive for the last time?
10:30 pm
Where did she go after she accidently opened his door?
Mrs. Hubbard
Was the communicating door between Hubbard's and Ratchett's compartment bolted according to Ms. Ohlsson?
How does Ms. Greta know that Ms. Debenham did not leave their compartment after Ms. Greta fell asleep?
She's a light sleeper
How did Greta react to the news of the Armstrong case?
She expressed anger that there are such evil in the world. She left crying in tears.
At what time does the Princess go to sleep?
11:00 pm, but woke with pain later on
What is the Princess' association with the Armstrong family?
Sonya Armstrong was her Goddaughter
When the Princess learns tha the murder victim was responsible for Daisy's death, how does she respond?
She feels there was justice
Why does Bouc not want to question the Count and Countess?
They are royal which means that they have Diplomatic Immunity
Why does the Count try to shield his wife from questioning?
She took a sleeping draught and was asleep all night
What does Poirot notice has been dropped carelessly by a customs official on the Countess' passport?
A spot of grease
What does her passport indicate her first name is?
Where did the colonel recently spend three days?
Did he meet Miss Debenham there?
Who was the colonel talking to at the time the murder was committed?
Who did he see/sense pass the compartment while they were talking?
A woman in a scarlet kimono
What does the colonel smoka?
Pipe- only one who smokes this
Who is Mr. Hardman impersonating?
Office supply salesman
Why is he doing this?
To protect Mr. Ratchett from a dark man with a womanish voice
Why is he angry?
As a detective, he should have done a better job to protect his client
What does the Italian sell in the States?
Ford Motorcars
What does Mr. Foscarelli say about his roommate, Mr. Masterman?
Rude Englishman who has a toothache
How does Miss Debenham answer questions from Poirot?
Short and clip answers- yes or no
Who provides her alibi?
Swedish lady
Who did Miss Debenham also claim to see?
The woman in the scarlet kimono
Where did the Schmidt go in the middle of the night?
To Princess Dragomiroff and gave her a massage for her rheumatism
Who does Schmidt place on the train with her sighting of?
A small man in a wagon lit conductor's uniform
Which one of the conductors does Schmidt identify as the one she saw last night?
She can't; she said they were all too tall
Where is the knife found?
In Mrs. Hubbard's spongebag
Where did they find the conductor's uniform?
In Schmidt's luggage
Where is the scarlet kimono found?
In Poirot's bag
Name the Character: Father of French maid (the one who killed herself)
Pierre Michel
Name the Character: friend and father was District Attorney of Armstrong case
Hector MacQueen
Name the Character: he was Mr. Armstrong's valet
Edward Masterman
Name the Character: Sonya Armstrong's mother (Linda Arden)
Mrs. Hubbard
Name the Character: Daisy Armstrong's nurse
Greta Ohlsson
Name the Character: Sonya Armstrong's Godmother
Princess Dragomiroff
Name the Character: Sonya Armstrong's younger sister
Countess Adrenyi
Name the Character: friend to the Armstrongs
Colonel Arbuthnot
Name the Character: man who was in love with French Maid
Mr. Hardman
Name the Character: Armstrong's chauffeur
Antonio Foscarelli
governess to Helena Armstrong
Ms. Debenham
Name the Character: she used to be the Armstrong's cook
Hildegarde Schmidt
Name the Character: What kind of mystery is this novel?
Locked door
Name the Character:What are two themes of this novel?
Justice and appearances
The author shows this concept by using stereotypes and misperception to mislead and guide the reader.
concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, religion, or equity
the evaluation of evidence and making decision
What is the significance of the number of stab wounds that Mr. Ratchett receives?
same # of jury members; murderers are acting as the jury on whether or not Cassetti is guilty
What are Poirot's 2 theories?
The first solution is that a stranger boarded the train and murdered Ratchett. The second solution is that all 13 people in the coach were complicit in the murder, seeking the justice that Ratchett had averted in the United States.