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Ganges and Yamuna

Delhi lies along what rivers?

Informal Settlements

Delhi's squatter camps are also known as


Approximately how much of Delhi's population lives in squatter camps?

World Health Organization

What has determined that Delhi is one of the worlds ten most polluted cities?


What city is a major automobile manufacturer?


One of Dikhatpura's major crops is?


refers to reliance on a single crop

Cash Crop

Green Revolution resulted in an increase of?


What is the most associated with the White Revolution?

Water Buffalo

The White Revolution refers to the husbandry of which animal?


The Green Revolution has proved advantageous to large plantation farmers, as well as small lot farmers.


India's population is expected to stabilize and then decrease within the next 25 years.


How much of India experiences serious droughts?

Constructing an expansive railroad system

Among the following British actions in South Asia, which was beneficial to the region's economic development during and after the colonial period?

Enhanced human rights for people of Indian origin in British Colonies

Which of the following was NOT a result of Britain's colonial domination of India?

Great Tradition

The roots of Hinduism that lie in ancient literary texts are known as the?


Pakistan's official language is what?

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