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7th Grade Science Test

Hans and Zacharias Janssen
First compound microscope(2 lens)
Robert Hooke
Examined a cork; first person to describe a cell. (Modified microscope)
Matthias Schleiden
Realized plants were composed of cells(German botanist)
Theodore Schwann
Realize that animals were composed of cells.
Rudolph Virchow
Realized cells duplicate to make new cells
Cell theory
All living organisms are made of cells
Cells are the basic unit of living organisms
Cells divide to make new cells
Semi Permeable substance
Selectively allows entities to pass through it. (Diffusion Lab)
Diffusion (Form of passive transport)
When an item passes through the cell membrane to form a state of equilibrium.
Starch, Water, Iodine
Diffusion lab
Mitosis: Prophase
Chromosomes form; nuclear membrane disappears
Mitosis: metaphase
Chromosomes line up in the center of the cell
Mitosis: Anaphase
Chromosomes split and are pulled to the ends of a cell
Mitosis: Telophase
Nuclear Membrane reappears, chromosome uncoil
Produces z diploids (full set of DNA) occurs in body cells
Reproductive cells (gamets) result is 4 haploids cells ( half set of DNA)
Form of nuclear division