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Goods and raw materials were directed from colonies to mother countries, so mother countries could profit directly from the colonies.
Middle Passage
The shipping route from Africa to the New World
Triangular Trade
Though the actual routes are far from triangular, the routes from Europe, Africa, & New World create a 3 pointed shipping route.
Which 3 characteristics in the colonies established a feeling of independence for most colonists?
1. being so far from England meant colonists had to rely on themselves more than English gov
2. local self-government where the people have direct input
3. colonies had fewer restrictions than England on who could vote, so there were many more votes in the colonies than back in England.
Describe the cultural experience of African slaves introduced to the New World.
Since colonial slaves were housed together no matter their African origins, their culture & language developed into a mix of many African communities & colonial communities.
Dominion of New England
English gov's forced unification of the northern colonies in New England under leaders who were appointed by the king rather than elected by the local colonists.
Why did English gov set up the Dominion of New England?
The king felt threatened by the elected leaders
Glorious Revolution
Bloodless rebellion in England that replaced an abusive king with a king that signed the Bill of Rights to protect people's freedoms.
What was the reason for Bacon's Rebellion?
The reason for Bacon's Rebellion was to demand the local gov protect farmers from Native American attacks.
Why did land owners in the colonies shift their labor source from indentured servants to slaves?
As indentured servants were freed from their contracts, the land owners were paying them in small plots of land. This payment system was decreasing the land owners' wealth.
Town Meetings, Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, & Virginia House of Burgesses are all examples of what type of gov?
The 1st elected gov in the New World was...
VA House of Burgesses
Religious problems in England were focused around...
the different views of 2 Christian groups: Catholics & Protestants.
European period where problems were solved with science, logic, debate, reason, rationalization, etc. rather than traditional methods from traditional leaders. (ie: Scientific Revolution)
Salutary Neglect
English government does NOT enforce its economic restrictions such as taxes, fees, fines, trade rules, etc. on its North American colonies.
What was the Great Awakening?
Christian revival in the American colonies of the eighteenth century (1700's).
How did the Great Awakening change religious views?
It Focused more on the individual's connection with Jesus rather than the leadership of the church.
How did the Great Awakening influence political views?
The non-traditional attitude motivated colonists to question authorities & eventually separate from England.
Large emotional gatherings where people came together to hear spiritual messages and declare their faith.
Social Mobility
The ability of individuals to move from one social standing to another. Social standing is based on degrees of wealth, prestige, education and power, and a person can change their social standing through their own hard work.
How did individualism affect political views?
This attitude motivated colonists to question authorities & eventually separate from England
What is individualism?
a belief in the importance of the individual and the virtue of self-reliance and personal independence. That an individual should be judged by their own hard work, not by social standing or class that they were born into.
Benjamin Franklin is an example of what 2 attitudes that were growing rapidly in the English colonies?
1. social mobility
2. individualism
Navigation Acts were English Laws that put what 3 requirements on the colonies?
1. all European products headed to the colonies to first go through England.
2. all products headed to colonies must be on English ships
3. colonies can only export to England.
not related, not involved, not connected
Across the Atlantic
Belief that change is not needed

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