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units for weight

ounces, pounds, tons

spring scale

tool for measuring weight

units for mass

milligrams, grams, kilograms


tool for measuring mass

unit for volume of solids

cubic millimeters (mm3), cubic centimeters (cm3), cubic meters (m3), and cubic kilometers (km3)

unit for volume of liquids

mililiters (mL) or liters (L)

graduated cylinder or beaker

tool for measuring volume of a liquid or gas


tool for measuring volume of a rectangular solid

graduated cylinder + water

tools for measuring volume of an irregular solid

unit for density of solids

g/cm3 (grams per cubic centimeters)

unit for density of liquids

g/mL (grams per milliliter) or g/L (grams per liter)

balance + graduated cylinder

tools for measuring density of a liquid

balance + ruler

tools for measuring density of a rectangular solid

balance + displacement

tools for measuring density of an irregular solid

1 g/mL

water's density


water's boiling point (ºF)


water's boiling point (ºC)


water's melting and freezing point (ºF)


water's melting and freezing point (ºC)

Length x Width x Height

formula for figuring the volume of a rectangular solid

Mass ÷ Volume

formula for figuring the density of an object

triple beam balance

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