Verbs 001

tackle (V)
(There are many ways of tackling this problem.
I tackled him about his careless work.)
abordar (V)
moan (V)
(Thelma's always moaning, and forgets how lucky she actually is.)
quejarse (V)
leak (V)
(Water was leaking from the pipe.
Oil leaked out of the car.
The tin was leaking.
The car leaked oil all over the drive.)
gotear, perder liquido (V)
skew (V)
(The company's results for this year are skewed because not all our customers have paid their bills.)
torcer (V)
beware (V)
(Beware salespeople who promise offers that seem too good to be true.
You should beware of undercooked food when staying in hot countries.
Beware of falling asleep while sunbathing.)
tener cuidado. (V)
pale (V)
(His face paled and he looked as if he might faint.)
palidecer (V)
starve (V)
(Whole communities starved to death during the long drought.
From talking to former prisoners in the camps, an obvious conclusion is that they have been starved. People starved of sleep start to lose their concentration and may hallucinate.)
privar (de comida o sueño o algo necesario) (V)
nourish (V)
(Children need plenty of good fresh food to nourish them.
She looks happy and well nourished.
This cream is supposed to help nourish your skin.)
nutrir (V)
fuel (V)
(Our heating system is fuelled by gas.
We have a gas-fuelled heating system.
petrol/hydrogen-fuelled cars.)
abastecer (aprovisionar, alimentar) (V)
misbehave (V)
(I was always getting in trouble for misbehaving at school.)
portarse mal (V)
spoil (V)
(He tried not to let the bad news spoil his evening.
The oil spill has spoilt the whole beautiful coastline.)
echar a perder (V)
raise (V)
(Would all those in favour please raise their hands?
He raised the window and leaned out.
Mary Quant was the first fashion designer to raise hemlines.)
levantar, alzar (V)
Afford (V)
(The hut afforded little protection from the elements.
Her seat afforded her an uninterrupted view of the stage.)
Proporcionar (poder pagar, poder permitir) (V)
Argue (V)
(The children are always arguing.
Kids, will you stop arguing with each other?
They were arguing over/about which film to go and see.)
Discutir (V)
Behave (V)
(She always behaves well/badly when her aunts come to visit.
Whenever there was a full moon he would start behaving strangely.)
Portarse (V)
Book (V)
( I've booked us two tickets to see Carmen
I've booked two tickets for us to see Carmen.)
Reservar. (V)
Climb (V)
(The plane climbed quickly to a height of 30 000 feet.
As it leaves the village, the road climbs steeply up the mountain.
The sun climbed higher in the sky.)
escalar. (V)
Commit (V)
(He was sent to prison for a crime that he didn't commit.
Like so many men, he has problems committing himself to a relationship.
He's been committed to prison for fraud.)
cometer, comprometerse, enviar. (Formal: enviar a prision) (V)
Complain (V)
(Lots of people have complained about the noise.
You're always complaining!)
Quejarse. (V)
Convey (V)
(His poetry conveys a great sense of religious devotion.
If you see James, do convey my apologies.
I tried to convey in my speech how grateful we all were for his help.
You don't want to convey the impression that we're not interested.
The goods are usually conveyed by sea.
Could you convey a message to Mr Merrick for me, please?)
expresar, transportar. (V)
Counsel (V)
(The police have provided experts to counsel local people affected by the tragedy.
My job involves counselling unemployed people on/about how to find work.)
Consolar. (V)
Crush (V)
(The package had been badly crushed in the post.
Add three cloves of crushed garlic.
His arm was badly crushed in the car accident.)
Aplastar, prensar. (V)
Despise (V)
(The two groups despise each other.
She despised him for the way he treated her sister.
He despised himself for being such a coward.)
Despreciar. (V)
Elicit (V)
(Have you managed to elicit a response from them yet?
The questionnaire was intended to elicit information on eating habits.
They were able to elicit the support of the public.)
Obtener. (V)
Enclose (V)
(The park that encloses the monument has recently been enlarged.
Please enclose a curriculum vitae with your letter of application.)
rodear, adjuntar. (V)
Encourage (V)
(We were encouraged to learn foreign languages at school.
The council is encouraging the development of the property for both employment and recreation.)
Animar. (V)
Face (V)
(This is one of the many problems faced
by working mothers.
Passengers could face long delays.
You're faced with a very difficult choice there.)
Hacer frente. (V)
Fine (V)
(Drivers who exceed the speed limit can expect to be fined heavily.
They fined him $100 for using threatening behaviour.)
Multar (V)
Focus (V)
(When they first took the bandages off, her eyes couldn't focus properly)
Enfocar (V)
Grieve (V)
(He is still grieving for/over his wife.
It grieves me to see all this food going to waste.)
Sufrir, apenar. (V)
Guess (V)
(I didn't know the answer, so I had to guess.
On the last question, she guessed right.
Guess when this was built.
I guessed she was your sister.
She asked me to guess her age.
I guessed the total amount to be about £50,000.)
Adivinar, acertar. (V)
Humor (humour UK) (V)
(I applied for the job just to humour my parents.)
Complacer. (V)
Infer (V)
(What do you infer from her refusal?
I inferred from her expression that she wanted to leave.)
Deducir. (V)
Inherit (V)
(Who will inherit the house when he dies?
All her children will inherit equally.)
Heredar. (V)
Kid (V)
(Oh no, I've forgotten your birthday! Hey, just/only kidding!
You won first prize? You're kidding!
I'm just kidding you!)
Bromear. (V)
Lack (V)
(He just lacks a little confidence.
What we lack in this house is space to store things.
We are lacking three members of staff due to illness.)
Carecer. (V)
Lift (V)
(Could you help me lift this table, please?
The morning mist had lifted and the sun was starting to come through.
Can I give you a lift?)
Levantar. (V)
Manage (V)
(Did you manage to get any bread?
I only just managed to finish on time.
A small dog had somehow managed to survive the fire.)
lograr. (V)
Misplace (V)
(She misplaced her keys so often that her secretary used to carry spare ones for her.)
extraviar. (V)
Mug (V)
(He was mugged in broad daylight.)
Atracar. (V)
Order (V)
(I ordered some pasta and a mixed salad.
There are no shirts left in this size but we could order one for you/order you one.)
Encargar. (V)
Overvalue (V)
(The company is overvalued on the stock market.)
Sobrevalorar. (V)
Pose (V)
(Nuclear weapons pose a threat to everyone.
The mountain terrain poses particular problems for civil engineers.
Can we go back to the question that Helena posed earlier?
We all posed for our photographs next to the Statue of Liberty.)
representar, plantear, posar (V)
Punch (V)
(He punched him in the stomach.
I was just punching holes in some sheets of paper.
This belt's too big - I'll have to punch an extra hole in it.)
Pegar, perforar (V)
Quit (V)
(Would you quit your job if you inherited lots of money?
I'm going to quit smoking.
Quit wasting my time!
Press Q to quit the program.)
parar de hacer algo. (V)
React (V)
(The judge reacted angrily to the suggestion that it hadn't been a fair trial.
Many people react badly to penicillin.)
Reaccionar. (V)