39 terms

anatomy chapter 8

medially, manubrium, sternoclavicular
the clavicle articulates at the ______ end with the ________ of the sternum. what's the joint called
broad and flat, acromion, acromioclavicular joint
the clavicle articulates at the lateral end which is --------------- with the ________ of the scapula. name the joint
a prominent ridge across the posterior surface of the scapula
acromion, acromiol end of the clavicle, acromioclavicular
flattened expanded process of the scapula. spin on the lateral end is the _____ it articulates with the _________ and is called ____ joint
glenoid cavity, glenohumeral
a. shallow depression in the scapula that excepts the head of the humerous. name the joint
spine, posterior, attachment of muscle
the supraspinous fossa are depressions on either side of the scapulae______ on the _______ side it is for ______
anterior, scapula,
sub scapular fossa are on the _____ side of the _________ for attachment of muscle
scapulae notch
prominent indentation on the superior border of the scapula
coracoid process of scapula, lateral end of superior scapular border
a projection of the anterior surface for the attachment of muscle. , where is it located
sternal end
the medial end of the clavicle is called
acromial end
the lateral end of the clavicle is called
superior border, lateral border, medial border, inferior and superior angles
three borders of the scapula are ________ and the 2 points where these connect are _____
60,2 humerus, 2 radius, 2 ulna, 16 carpals, 10' metacarpals, 28 phalanges
the upper limbs of the appendicular skeleton consists of ______ bones. they are
largest and longest of the upper limbs
scapula, radius and ulna
the humerus articulates proximally with the ______ and distally with the _______
head of the humerus, glenohumeral joint
proximal end of the humerus that articulates with the scapula glenoid cavity is _______ name the joint
glenoid cavity
the head of the humerus articulates with the scapula at what point
head of humerus into glenoid cavity of scapula
what two points form the glenohumeral joint
anatomical neck, greater tubercle and lesser tubercle, inter tubercle sulcus
just distal to the head of the humerus is the _______ which appears as an oblique groove, a lateral projection just distal to this is _______ one on posterior and one anterior side , there is a groove between them called_____
surgical neck
common fracture point in the humerus where the head tapers to the shaft
cylindrical, flattened and broad
humerus is ______ at the proximal end but becomes _______ at the lateral end
deltoid tuberosity
located latter ally at the middle portion of the shaft of the humerus for attachment of tendons of deltoid muscle
a rounded knob on the lateral side of a bone that articulates with head of the radius
radial fossa
an anterior depression in the humerus above the capitulum that accepts the head of the radius when elbow is bent
trochlea , trochlear notch, coronoid fossa
medial to the capitulum of the humerus is the _____ it articulates with the_______. of the ulan a. and when the arm is bent the ______ of the humerus accepts the coronoid process of the ulna
olecranon fossa in the humerus accepts the olecranon of the ulna
the proximal end of the humerus articulates with the ulna what accept the ulna when the arm is straight______ name the ulnar process as well
distal end
medial and lateral epicondyles of the humerus lie at the _____
forearm bone on the pinky or medial side longer of the 2 forearm bones
humerus and radius, radius , no. separated by fibrocartilage
the ulna articulates at the proximal end with the_______.and articulates at the distal end with the _______ is there articulation with the wrist?
olecranon of the ulna, posterior
projection at the proximal end of the ulna that when the arm is straight sits into the olecranon fossa of humerus is ______ is the olecranon fossa anterior or posterior on the humerus
coronoid process of ulna, coronoid fossa of humerus trochlear notch
a process of the ulna that forms a type of claw structure with the olecranon ______.( proximal and anterior) what receives this process during articulation when the arm is bent_____. the inner portion of the claw like shape bw the olecranon and the coronoid process is the ______ for articulation with_____ trachlea
radialnotch head
laterally below the trochlear notch in the ulna is the _______ this notch articulates with the ______of the radius
radius, narrow, wide
the smaller of the forearm bones is the ______ , it is ____ at the proximal end and ____ at the distal end
head of radius
proximal end of radius articulates with the capitulum of the humerus
capitulum. , proximally with the radial notch of ulna and distally with the head. of the ulna into the ulnar notch of the radius
what portion of the humerus does the head of the radias articulate with________ and the what portion of ulna _____
scaphoid, lunate, triquetrium, psiform, trapezium,trapezoid,capitate,hamate
8 bones of the wrist,
most broken carpal is the
carpometacarpal joint
the distal carpal, trapezium,trapezoid, capitate, hamate, articulate withe the metacarpals name the joint
metacarpalphalangeal joint
the metacarpal heads articulate with the proximal phalanges name the joint