Chapters 27-28

My cards are made from the quiz I have taken in class.
which of the following vessels contain blood under the highest amount of pressure?
While assessing a patient with partial thickness burns to his chest and neck, what should be your highest priority (even if there are no symptoms presently)?
In which of the following vessels does the vital exchange take place and also has the thinnest walls through which oxygen, nutrients, and wastes can pass?
The most common form of a hemostatic agent is?
Hemostatic dressings.
While assessing a 78-year old male patient who escaped an apartment fire with partial thickness burns to both arms, the EMT must be aware of which of the following?
Medical conditions may be aggravated by the burn.
Which of the following is NOT a type of avulsion?
A finger is cut off with a butcher's saw.
Which of the following is a consequence of hypo-perfusion?
all of the above.
Your patient is a 40-year old man who was burned when he spilled gasoline on his pants as he was standing near the pilot light of his hot water heater. He has partial thickness burns from his feet to just above the knees, and circumferentially around both legs. Using the rule of nines, which of the following most accurately represents the extent of the BSA burned?
Your patient is a 25 year old man who picked up an iron skillet with a very hot handle. He has a reddened area with blisters across the palm of his hand. Which of the following must be avoided in the prehospital management of this wound?
Application of antibiotic ointment.
Which of the following patients has the greatest likelihood of being cared for in a burn center.
A 20-year old woman who has deep partial thickness burns on her hand and arm as a result of spilling hot cooking oil on herself.
A wound in which the epidermis is scarped away with minimal bleeding, such as commonly occurs when a child falls on his knees on a sidewalk is called a(n)?
Which of the following best describes an avulsion?
A flap of skin that is partially or completely torn away from the underlying tissue.
Which of the following should increase the EMT's suspicion of internal bleeding?
All of the above.
If you don't have a commercial tourniquet available, what common device found on the ambulance can be used as a substitute.
Blood pressure cuff.
Which of the following is of concern with a puncture wound?
All of the above.
Your patient is a 28-year old male who cut his thigh with a chain saw. It appears that he has lost about 600 CC of blood. Which of the following is not part of the proper management if this patient?
Replacement of fluid level by giving the patient adequate amounts of water.
Which of the following is a characteristic of arterial bleeding?
Spurting under pressure.
Your patient is a 12-year old boy who ran his arm through a glass window and has an 8-inch laceration on his anterior forearm. You have applied pressure dressing and bandage, but these have become saturated due to continual bleeding. What should you do now?
Elevate the arm, and prepare to apply a tourniquet or consider administering a hemostatic agent.
Which of the following is recommended when caring for an amputated part?
Seal the part in a plastic bag and place it in a pan of water cooled by an ice pack.
In an average adult, the sudden loss of _______ cc blood is considered serious.
Your patient is a 32-year old man with a fish hook that has perforated his hand between the thumb and index finger. Which of the following is the best way to manage the situation in the prehospital setting?
Leave the hook in place and try not to disturb it.
According to the Rule of Nines for infants and young children, the patient's head and neck account for what percentage of the total BSA?
Which of the following best describes the function of blood.
It transports gases along with nutrients, aids in excretion, and provides protection and regulation.
Which of the following is recommended in situations in which a tourniquet must be used?
Use a material that is wide and thick.
Which of the following is the outermost layer of skin?