85 terms

Fundamental and Derived Quantities of Physics

The ones we need to know for Mr. Maddens H.Physics final.
Def of Postion
location on a coordinate system
SI unit of Position
meter (m)
Quantity Symbol of Position
x, y, or z
Defining eq'n of Position
x, y, or z
Def of Time
measure of motion
Quantity Symbol of Time
Defining eq'n of Time
SI unit of Time
second (s)
Def of Displacement
change in position
Quantity Symbol of Displacement
delta x, y, or z
Defining eq'n of Displacement
delta x = x - x-naught
SI unit of Displacement
meter (m)
Def of Velocity
Displacement per unit time
Quantity Symbol of Velocity
Defining eq'n of Velocity
delta x divided by delta t
SI unit of Velocity
meter per second (m/s)
Def of Acceleration
rate of change of velocity
Quantity Symbol of Acceleration
Defining eq'n of Acceleration
delta v divided by delta t
SI unit of Acceleration
meter per second squared (m/s^2)
Def of Mass
quantity of matter
Quantity Symbol of Mass
Defining eq'n of Mass
SI unit of Mass
kilogram (kg)
Def of Force
a push or a pull
Quantity Symbol of Force
Defining eq'n of Force
SI unit of Force
Newton (N) or (kg*m)/s^2
Def of Weight
force due to gravity
Quantity Symbol of Weight
Defining eq'n of Weight
mass*g (9.8 m/s^2)
SI unit of Weight
Newton (N) or (kg*m)/s^2
Def of Impulse
Force times the amount of time force acts
Quantity Symbol of Impulse
Defining eq'n of Impulse
Force*delta t
SI unit of Impulse
Newton-second (N-s) or (kg*m)/s
Def of Momentum
Mass of object times its velocity
Quantity Symbol of Momentum
Defining eq'n of Momentum
SI unit of Momentum
kilogram-meter per second or (kg*m)/s
Def of Work
The amount of force applied to an object times the distance over which the force is applied
Quantity Symbol of Work
Defining eq'n of Work
SI unit of Work
Joule (N-m) or (kg*m^2)/s^2
Def of Energy
the ability to do work
Quantity Symbol of Energy
Defining eq'n of Energy
SI unit of Energy
Joule (N-m) or (kg*m^2)/s^2
Def of Power
rate of doing work
Quantity Symbol of Power
Defining eq'n of Power
work divided by t
SI unit of Power
Watt (joule/second) or (kg*m^2)/s^3
Def of Charge
Fundamental quantity of nature
Quantity Symbol of Charge
Defining eq'n of Charge
SI unit of Charge
Coulomb (C)
Def of Current
Rate of flow of charge
Quantity Symbol of Current
Defining eq'n of Current
charge divided by time
SI unit of Current
Ampere (coulomb per second) or C/s
Def of Voltage
Amount of work done per unit charge
Quantity Symbol of Voltage
Defining eq'n of Voltage
Work divided by charge
SI unit of Voltage
Volt (joule per coulomb) or (kgm^2)/(Cs^2)
Def of Resistance
the opposition of flow of charge
Quantity Symbol of Resistance
Defining eq'n of Resistance
voltage divided by current
SI unit of Resistance
Ohm or (kgm^2)/(C^2s)
The amount of resistance that will allow one ampere of current to flow accross a potential difference (voltage) of one volt
Def of Capacitance
the ability to store charge
Quantity Symbol of Capacitance
Defining eq'n of Capacitance
Current divided by voltage
SI unit of Capacitance
Farad (Coulomb per volt) or (C^2s^2)/(kgm^2)
Def of Period
the time per one oscillation
Quantity Symbol of Period
Defining eq'n of Period
SI unit of Period
Second (s)
Def of Frequency
oscillations per time
Quantity Symbol of Frequency
Defining eq'n of Frequency
SI unit of Frequency
Hertz (one per second) or s^-1
If one joule of work is done when one coulomb of charge moves from point A to point B....
then the potential difference is one volt
SI unit of Temperature
SI unit of Quantity of Matter
SI unit of Intensity of Light