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Contraction with no relaxation
Drug interferes with active transport of calcium ions from sarcoplasm to sarcoplasmic reticulum...what happens because of this?
The elbow has what type of joint?
sarcoplasmic reticulum
After muscle extends, calcium is actively transported back to...
provides cushion between structures that may rub against each other
What is the main neurotransmitter in the neuromuscular junction?
The function of sarcoplasmic reticulum is to regulate the movement of?
articular cartilage
What is found at the end of bones in synovial joints?
sarcoplasmic reticulum
What is the membranous network of channels and tubules in a muscle fiber, corresponding to the endoplasmic reticulum of other cells?
unable to respond to stimuli
curare, a toxin that blocks acetylcholine, makes a muscle
sliding filament theory
muscles contract when the thin(actin) and thick(myosin) filaments move past each other, shortening the skeletal muscle cells. What is this?
Rigidity is a function...True or False?
During muscle relaxation the active sites are left....
calcium ions
What does sarcoplasmic reticulum store?