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A device that measures proper acceleration ("g-force")
Instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure
Computer Control
Virtually no operator input, allowing the flight controller to execute programmed commands entirely on its own
Flight Controller
Microprocessor used in UAS for controlling attitude, altitude, etc
An instrument for indicating continuously the number of revolutions of a rotating axis
A multipurpose, programmable device that accepts digital data as input, processes it according to instructions stored in its memory, and provides results as output
Onscreen Display
A strategically arranged control set that appears on a screen the data overlays the video with speed, altitude and battery usage amongst other data
Operator Control
Mostly pilot (human) input of every motor and control surface
An electronic device that receives radio waves and converts the information carried by them to a usable form
(Originally an acronym for SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a technique that uses sound propagation to navigate, communicate with or detect objects
An electronic device which, with the aid of an antenna, produces radio waves and may also integrate the control interface of joysticks, switches, etc
A device for sending or receiving radio or television signals
First Person View
Also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting, is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot's view point
Equals the number of waves that passes a given point per second
The standard unit of frequency in the International System of Units, equal to one cycle per second
Radio Wave
An electromagnetic wave having a wave length between 1 millimeter and 30,000 meters, or a frequency between 10 kilohertz and 300,000 megahertz
Radio Control
Control (as by radio signal) of operation from a point at some distance removed
To transmit (radio signals, data, etc.) automatically and at a distance, especially in order to record information, operate guidance apparatus, etc.