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Information-Based Check
Includes any technology that uses a computer information system to carry out some or all of its planned tasks
The act or process of changing parts of something
Physical Check
Pertains to the body and the physical components
Post-Flight Checklist
A procedure performed after an aircraft has landed, that retrieves information collected from your mission and checks for the general physical well-being of your aircraft and its components
Post-Power Checkpoint
An identified portion of the pre-flight checklist that must be processed after electricity runs through the vehicle, but before flight
Pre-Flight Checklist
A series of checkpoints that ensures the operator that he or she is prepared to safely operate their UAS
Pre-Power Checkpoint
An identified portion of the pre-flight checklist that must be processed before electricity runs through the vehicle
One part of something that is evenly divided into four parts
Phrase used when the flight team loses control of the UAS and is unable to maintain its positioning, typically fly-aways occur when GPS signal is lost
A virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area
Line Of Sight Interference
Environmental factors or obstacles that could cause interference between communications devices
A device consisting of one or more meters, used to measure two or more electrical quantities in an electric circuit, such as voltage, resistance, and current
Return To Launch
The ability of the UAS to autonomously return back to the point (GPS coordinates) of launch
Phrase used when the UAS begins turning in 360 degree rotations and will not respond to the direction being input on the transmitter